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Happy new year from The Tokenizer! 2023 has been a very exciting and eventful year for the team behind The Tokenizer. We launched our first annual Who’s Who Guide, a comprehensive report aiming to map out the entire asset tokenization industry. Additionally we worked towards launching a new version of our Token RegRadar tool to be released in early 2024, integrating an AI layer to increase the tools efficiency and ease of usage.

Here below we have listed the top-15 most read tokenization stories to bring you an overview of the most popular subjects on The Tokenizer over the past year.

The list is a snap-shot based on the statistics as of late December 2023. Some of the articles are newer than others and are hence likely to continue to climb the list.

  1. The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who Guide 2023.
  2. The Tokenizer Launches New Report on Tokenization of Real Estate
  3. Unicoin Announces Its Upcoming Listing on INX.One Trading Platform
  4. HSBC becomes first bank in the world to offer tokenised gold
  5. Unleashing Blockchain’s Potential to Solve The Entertainment Industry’s Toughest Challenges
  6. Regulation of digital assets in the United States of America
  7. Hong Kong’s First Real Estate Fund STO
  8. INX to Tokenize and List Equity of Blockchain Software and Services Provider Casper Labs
  9. Securitize Japan Announces Alliance with Sony Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank on Landmark Tokenized Joint Money Trust
  10. Banco Galicia will use Agrotokens as collateral to offer credits to agricultural producers
  11. The 4th Annual TADS Awards Now Open for Nominations
  12. Republic to make US$5.25 million investment in INX and enter into collaboration agreement
  13. Tokenization of Real Estate in the US
  14. Unlocking $16 Trillion: First Tokenized Property Successfully Registered in EU Land Registry, Setting New Standards
  15. eCredits and Rocksolid Estate AG Collaborate: Tokenizing Real Estate with Blockchain

On top of this list we have our Who’s Who Guide for 2023, the first annual edition of this report which sets out to provide a comprehensive overview of the asset tokenization space and its industry players. The idea for this particular report spurred from our very own Industry Tracker, a tool used to navigate the industry as we recognised the increased demand for efficient overview of the market. We are currently working on our upcoming Who’s Who Guide for 2024 and would like to invite the entire asset tokenization industry along for the ride. You can read more about our offerings for the report here and secure your spot in the report here. Following our Who’s Who Guide, our Tokenization of Real Estate report takes the second place this year. With blockchain representing promising potential to revolutionise the traditional real estate market, this report takes a deep dive into how the technology can increase democratisation and solve liquidity issues associated with the asset class.

Third on the list is Unicoin’s security token listing on INX’s INX.One platform, an announcement filled with excitement as both players are highly influential in the space. In fourth place, we start to see the trend of the year, institutional adoption, where HSBC became the first bank in the world to offer tokenised gold to its clients. This past year has been highlighted with an increase of institutions entering the digital asset realm, bringing about increased legitimacy and further recognition of the asset classes of the industry.

Fifth on the list is an opinion piece by SPiCE VC‘s Tal Elyashiv, taking a deep dive in to blockchain’s potential to disrupt the current entertainment landscape. Taking examples to exemplify its potential to reduce fraud and royalty related issues whilst highlighting the positive impact blockchain could introduce. Sixth place is occupied by our very own legal expert, Tyler Passarella, as he provides an update on regulation affecting the digital asset space in the United States. An article addressing the increased need for regulatory clarity within the asset tokenization space, which is precisely what our regulatory service, the Token RegRadar, aims to alleviate by providing a continuously updated overview of global regulations and laws.

Following the regulatory focus, Tykhe Capital Group Limited‘s announcement to launch the PRINCE Token, the first real estate security token offering in Hong Kong, gained quite a bit of traction. The offering was permitted under Hong Kong’s SFC and further exemplified the growing demand for the tokenization of traditional asset classes. INX made headway again with its announcement to list Casper Labs’s tokenized equity for trading on the secondary market along with Republic’s US$5.25Mio investment in INX.

Securitize, Sony Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank combined forces to create a tokenized joint money trust while Banco Galicia collaborate with Agrotoken to use its agrotokens as collateral to grand loans to agricultural products in Argentina. More real estate tokenization stories made its way onto the list as Blocksquare redefined property ownership through notarized transactions and Rocksolid Estate‘s collaborated with eCredits Blockchain to tokenize its properties, further democratizing the real estate market by limiting current barriers of entry.

The main trend throughout this highly eventful year in the asset tokenization space was the increase in institutional adoption, as can be seen from our top 15 stories of this year, financial institutions made a frequent appearance. So much so, that we dedicated a new category on our platform specifically to news of institutions entering the digital asset space which can be viewed here. In addition to the increased institutional adoption, the demand for traditional asset tokenization surged as the focus of the digital asset space appeared to shift more from the previously cryptocurrency focus towards financial instrument and real estate tokenization.

We’d like to thank you for the year passing and hope that you are as excited for 2024, the possibilities next year has for the tokenization space and its continued positive development. We look forward to continue to bring you the most relevant news and curated content on the asset tokenization space.

Happy New Year!

Image by Pierre-Etienne Vilbert from Unsplash

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