Is your token project compliant?

The RegCheck Service Suite

by The Tokenizer

Our RegCheck Service Suite currently consists of three individual services. 

The NFT RegCheck

The regulations of NFTs are still unclear in many jurisdictions, and this seems to lead issuers of NFTs to mistakenly believe that anything goes – which is indeed not the case.


Any issuer of NFTs ought to make sure that the issued NFTs are legal – and that they are, in fact, non-fungible tokens and not something else requiring stricter regulation. 


The NFT RegCheck helps projects, platforms, and companies issuing NFTs understand the legal implications of what they are about to do 

– or already have done! – and to help them comply with current legislation in relevant jurisdictions.


The STO RegCheck

A Security Token Offering (STO) allows companies to raise large amounts of capital. In theory, STOs are significantly more accessible, faster, and cheaper than traditional IPOs.


However, in practice conducting an STO is a rather complex endeavour. This calls for assistance by experts to safely lead the asset owners through preparing and executing the STO.


Because STOs are offering securities, being in compliance with laws and regulation must be a top priority for all STOs. 

The STO RegCheck will help get you started in a compliant manner. 

The Utility Token RegCheck

Former SEC chairman, Jay Clayton, was asked if all ICOs were fraudulent. “Absolutely not,” he answered.


But at the same time, he warned about any try to classify tokens as “utility tokens” with the purpose of avoiding securities laws.


For companies issuing utility tokens, the question of avoiding infringement of securities laws is still a major issue – and a RegCheck focus area.


However, issuing, promoting, and selling tokens requires the issuers legal attention on several other legal and regulatory aspects – all included in the Utility Token RegCheck.   

"Do you fully understand the possible regulatory
implications of your token issuance?"

Get started in three simple steps

A RegCheck only requires you to:


1) Sign up for the RegCheck


2) Complete the online questionnaire 


3) Have a one-hour online-meeting with our specialists. 


The Regulatory Guiding Report

Based on these steps, we deliver a customised report that gives you an overview of possible regulatory risk factors you need to consider across your target jurisdictions.


The report focuses in particular on these four key topics:


  • Limitations in relation to securities legislation in relevant jurisdictions 


  • Restrictions in issuance and sales of tokens in terms of geography and jurisdictions 


  • Possible KYC, AML, or CFT issues related to issuance and sales of the tokens  


  • Possible restrictions on marketing and promotional activities in the jurisdictions in question for the tokens.

Products & Pricing

Our service suite currently offers RegChecks on NFTs, STOs, and Utility Tokens. 

And in the coming months, additional RegChecks will be included in the suite.

Choose one of these options:

Standard RegCheck

Standalone RegCheck Analysis and Report
2995 One-time fee
  • Bespoke analysis
  • 1:1 interview by The Tokenizer's experts
  • Report with clear recommendations

RegCheck + Monitoring

Be alerted of regulatory changes in your target jurisdictions
2795 + €125 per month (billed monthly)
  • All features of standard RegCheck
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Relevant regulatory alerts
  • Discounts on additional RegChecks

RegCheck + Monitoring​

Be alerted of regulatory changes in your target jurisdictions
2495 + €99 per month (= €1,188 per year billed yearly)
  • All features of the RegCheck
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Relevant regulatory alerts
  • Discounts on additional RegChecks
  • Best price available
Best deal

Please contact us if you have questions about the RegCheck services before you order:
[email protected] / +45 93 99 38 83

When Token Projects Go Wrong

Regularly – and for many different reasons – token projects end up in court. It cannot be emphasized enough that compliance is a must, and there is no such thing as flying under the regulatory radar. The cases shown below are just a few examples in a long row of unhappy endings harming the token issuers, the token industry and, not least, the investors involved.  



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The Tokenizer (“Company”) has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this «RegCheck Service Suite». By delivering a customized and non-binding report that gives subscribers an overview of possible regulatory compliance factors, The RegCheck Service (“Service”) proposes an introduction of NFT, STO, and ICO practices in relation to their legal/regulatory compliance matters


The information is provided in order to help projects, platforms and/or companies to understand the legal implications in compliance with current legislations in matters such as: NFTs, security tokens, STOs, utility tokens and/or ICOs. The Tokenizer does not in any case provide any legal consultancy and therefore the guidance/ opinion provided under the Service is not intended as legal advice and/or a substitute for seeking legal counseling. 


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