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One of the primary challenges for the asset tokenization industry and the entire token economy is obtaining an overview of regulatory requirements and complying. Very soon, The Tokenizer will launch a completely new AI-powered RegGPT version of The Token RegRadar, which instantly will be able to answer all – or at least most of – the regulatory questions you can think of. 

Whether you are an asset owner who wants to utilise the benefits of tokenization or a professional player in the industry – issuance platform, exchange, custodian, bank, service provider or lawyer – you need to be updated with the newest regulatory developments. You need to be able to find information across jurisdictions quickly and understand compliance requirements.

By integrating a customised GPT – Generative Pre-trained Transformer – AI solution into The Token RegRadar’s extensive domain-specific database built up over the last three years, it is now possible for The Tokenizer to offer a powerful service that enables users to seek regulatory information in seconds about almost any aspect within the domain of asset tokenization and digital asset. 

This new service will enable people working with tokenization to save time and money by providing instant and easy access to regulatory data from 80+ jurisdictions around the globe. However, it is essential to underline that the information provided by the new AI service is for general information only. It should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter. 

If you want us to ping you as soon as our new service is ready for launch, please leave your name and email address here:

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