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In a significant milestone for real-world asset tokenization, the Polymesh Association proudly announces the completion of the integration between DigiShares, an industry-leading white-label tokenization platform, and the Polymesh blockchain. This collaboration enhances tokenization services for DigiShares’ global network of 150+ clients seeking to tokenize substantial real estate assets.

Notably, the integration allows DigiShares to extend its offerings to the 1500+ institutional customers of Fireblocks, a self-custodial wallet infrastructure partner, enabling them to tokenize assets and funds directly on Polymesh via DigiShares’ solution.

This innovative collaboration, funded through Polymesh’s Ecosystem Development Fund, is the first of its kind and aims to extend DigiShares’ tokenization platform to comprehensively support Polymesh. The integration includes functionalities such as token minting, advanced token configuration, wallet whitelisting via approved KYC providers, and enforceable transfer restrictions.

Key capabilities offered by DigiShares to its clients through the Polymesh integration include:

  1. Basic minting and advanced configuration of Polymesh security tokens.
  2. Integration of on-chain IDs into DigiShares’ KYC system.
  3. Support for investors to transact in crypto and receive Polymesh-native tokens.
  4. Dividend payouts and atomic swap smart contracts for peer-to-peer trading.
  5. Secure custody of Polymesh digital currencies (e.g., stablecoins) and assets.

Claus Skaaning, CEO and Co-Founder of DigiShares, expressed the seamless fit between Polymesh and their mission, stating, “With its specialized focus on regulated assets and robust compliance and settlement infrastructure, Polymesh fits seamlessly with our mission to empower industries like real estate through the effortless tokenization and management of large assets.” He highlighted the unique features of Polymesh for security tokens, ensuring a highly secure ecosystem for transparent, efficient, and compliant transactions.

DigiShares, an early supporter of Polymesh, specializes in tokenizing substantial real-world assets, particularly in real estate. The platform provides comprehensive lifecycle management of security tokens, including investor onboarding, KYC processes, and investor crypto wallet management. Notable features include an automated cap table for on-chain transactions, streamlined investor onboarding, and an efficient bulletin-board trading system.

Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at the Polymesh Association, expressed excitement about the integration, emphasizing DigiShares’ commitment to the Polymesh ecosystem and its potential impact on the future of real-world assets. He stated, “We’re excited for the many large tokenized assets that will be unlocked and issued on-chain by asset owners seeking to leverage the benefits of Polymesh for smoother, transparent transactions and expanded opportunities for liquidity and financial accessibility.”

Photo by Maximalfocus on Unsplash

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