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T-Blocks: The First Tokenization Platform in the Region

T-Blocks, an ecosystem pioneering the application of blockchain technology in emerging markets, is set to revolutionize the capital markets and investments in Albania and the broader Balkan region. With a strategic plan to tokenize €235M of prime assets, including renewable energy parks and luxury resorts with yacht marinas, T-Blocks is making these high-growth markets accessible to professional investors and high-net worth individuals.

Why Albania and the Balkans region?

Albania and the Balkans are emerging markets that lack capital markets and technological infrastructure for financing and investments. T-Blocks is innovating the capital-raising process for asset developers in the region, enabling access to global and diaspora capital via blockchain and EU-compliant tokenization solutions and creating a global profile in international capital markets.

Albania, sharing the same coastline as Italy, Greece, and Croatia, is emerging as a premier destination for investments. This appeal is further enhanced by significant announcements such as Jared Kushner and Mohamed Alabbar from Emaar’s plans to develop a luxury resort on an island and the region’s largest yacht marinas. The presence of major hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt further underscores the region’s attractiveness. The country is experiencing record-high tourist arrivals, and the Western Balkan’s progression towards EU accession presents substantial growth potential compared to other emerging markets.

Pre-Launching the Platform

T-Blocks is excited to announce the pre-launch of its platform, a seamless digital infrastructure leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology and Security Token Offerings to transform real estate financing and investing in the region. The platform adheres to the European regulatory framework and international standards, combining traditional financial mechanisms with digital innovations for a transparent and efficient investment ecosystem.

Sign up, explore, and express your interest in the stunning Southern Riviera and ESG pre-vetted assets today.

Pre-Vetted Investment Opportunities for Professional and High-Networth Diaspora Investors

T-Blocks bridges the gap in Balkan capital markets and financial technology, enabling asset developers to access alternative capital and gain international market reputations. Despite a regulated banking system, asset developers struggle to attract global capital, while professional investors face uncertainties and perceived risks in entering and diversifying their portfolios in high-growth emerging markets. T-Blocks empowers professional investors and individuals with the high-net-worth diaspora to access pre-vetted opportunities that were previously out of reach in a fully digital and compliant manner. To enhance safety, T-Blocks partners with reputable firms with over 20 years of track record and billions in revenue.

Utilizing Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, T-Blocks stands out as the first and only compliant digital infrastructure offering this specific solution. Our platform meets the highest security and transparency standards, with a strong focus on tokenizing five-star luxury resorts managed by global asset managers, renowned hotel chains, and renewable energy assets.

The Team and Partners Behind T-Blocks

In late 2022, Eni Shtini and Henri Ndreca founded T-Blocks with a vision to establish a blockchain-based capital markets infrastructure and to transform real estate investing in Albania and the Balkans. Both founders have a deep expertise in blockchain technology, operation management and sales. Their expertise is complemented by an international advisory board that consists of senior professionals with deep expertise in capital markets, marketing & sales, Web3, and tokenization compliance.

Co-founders Eni Shtini and Henri Ndreca presenting T-Blocks at industry events.

With tokenization in its nascent phase, T-Blocks collaborates with Zoniqx as our strategic partner and digital asset pioneers like StegX, Palisade, Realiz, Magma, Token Forge, Total Impact Capital, VA Capital Holding, and many more. These partnerships are essential for issuing and distributing digital securities, ensuring investor exposure, strengthening our capabilities, and broadening the ecosystem internationally in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Join T-Blocks as they unlock value in emerging markets

Explore the T-Blocks website to learn more about our solution and REGISTER in our platform to be among the first to discover our pre-vetted upcoming deals and seize this unique investment opportunity in the Albania and Balkans region. 

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