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You can share your relevant press releases with our community. New press releases will be featured under the Press Releases section and will also be accessible through our pages – including the front page. We will not publish new releases until payment has been processed and cleared and our editorial team has reviewed and approved the text. The article will be promoted to our community on The Tokenizer and social media channels.

The Tokenizer emphasises relevance and only publishes press releases from companies that are, or plan to be, involved with tokenized securities or the tokenization space.

Furthermore, The Tokenizer reserves the right to refuse publication of any content that is considered irrelevant and/or conveys inappropriate messages or attempts to sell inappropriate products or services. Refusal to publish will result in a refund. By authorising payment, you automatically give The Tokenizer editors the right to proofread and make appropriate grammatical and contextual corrections. Additionally, you grant us the right to use and adapt your logo for the press release along with any other brand elements we find necessary and appropriate for visual presentation. We will do everything in our power to publish your press release on the requested date, however, we cannot guarantee the publication date.

Please submit your press release using the order form below.

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