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Our audience

The Tokenizer strives to be the go-to information platform and online magazine for anything related to tokenization and the development of a token-driven economy in Europe.

The Tokenizer targets a diverse group of stakeholders within the space of tokenization, security tokens, stablecoins and token regulation.

This group encompasses:

  • Companies conducting or planning to conduct a Security Token Offering (STO)
  • Security token exchanges
  • Issuance platforms
  • Law firms
  • Stablecoin platforms supporting security tokens as collateral
  • Service providers
  • Regulatory authorities from jurisdictions around the world
  • Anyone interested in the future token-driven economy

Banner advertising options on The Tokenizer

Banner Ads - 6 Months

3 types
1450 (exclusive of VAT)
  • Sidebar Banner (300*600px)
  • Inline Content Banner (728*90px)
  • Footer Banners (300*250px) 
  • Minimum 1.5 million views guaranteed!

Banner Ads - 12 Months

3 types
2000 (exclusive of VAT)
  • Sidebar Banner (300*600px)
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  • Minimum 3 million views guaranteed!

Sponsored Articles

You can order a sponsored article to be featured on The Tokenizer. One of our expert writers will conduct an interview with your nominated spokesperson and develop a unique article. Following your approval, the article will be featured in relevant content sections and highlighted in designated areas of the site. Sponsored articles will also be promoted on The Tokenizer’s social media channels. You get full rights to use the content in other channels, like your company website or blog.


To ensure consistent quality for our readers, partners and sponsors, The Tokenizer will only publish quality content that is relevant to our audience and reserves all rights to refuse a sponsored story before publication. In the event publication of a sponsored story is refused by The Tokenizer, the sponsor will not be charged. Sponsored articles and other sponsored content will be labelled as “Sponsored Content”.

Thought Leadership Options

Sponsored article
3120 (exclusive of VAT)
  • Interview with a spokesperson
  • Text production
  • Quality assurance
  • Publication on The Tokenizer
  • Promotion of story on Social Media

Submit a press release

Submit a press release​

250 (exclusive of VAT)
  • Publication on The Tokenizer
  • Promotion of story on Social Media

You can share your relevant press releases with our community. New press releases will be featured under the Press Releases section and be accessible through our pages – including the front page. The press release will be promoted to our community on The Tokenizer and social media channels.


The Tokenizer reserves the right to refuse publication of any content that is considered irrelevant and/or conveys inappropriate messages or attempts to sell inappropriate products or services.