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Tokenize.it, a trailblazing platform in the sphere of corporate financing, has unveiled its latest offering: Crowdinvesting. This groundbreaking product empowers companies to revolutionize their financing processses by providing up to 8 million EUR in GmbH-tokens to both professional and retail investors, marking a departure from the constraints of traditional shares.

The hallmark feature of Tokenize.it Crowdinvesting lies in its provision of a standardized contract framework tailored explicitly to German GmbHs, or limited liability companies. This legally optimized setup, coupled with digital contracting and investor onboarding processes compliant with applicable German laws, eliminates the need for cumbersome notarization, ensuring fundraising endeavors are seamless and efficient.

“Tokenize.it is reshaping the landscape of crowdinvesting in Germany by introducing a novel approach that harnesses the power of tokens,” remarked Christoph Jentzsch, the visionary Founder and CEO at Tokenize.it. “Our platform liberates companies from the shackles of inflexible shares and rigid financing rounds, offering continuous, public fundraising opportunities that foster deeper engagement with investors.”

The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies the setup of Crowdinvesting campaigns, allowing companies to effortlessly generate shareable public links for dissemination across various digital channels. Moreover, GmbH-tokens offer unparalleled advantages, including enhanced transferability, improved liquidity, and heightened transparency through seamless integration with smart contracts. Investors stand to benefit from streamlined processes, automated payments, and a direct stake in the success of the startup.

Tokenize.it Crowdinvesting marks a significant milestone in the evolution of security token-based fundraising in Germany, providing a dynamic alternative to traditional financing methods. Companies can now leverage the power of tokens to engage their community, scale efficiently, and propel their growth trajectory.

About Tokenize.it

Founded in 2022 by Christoph Jentzsch in Mittweida, Tokenize.it is a platform for token-based investments in Germany-based startups. The platform offers a specifically optimized legal setup for GmbHs, complete with tailored contract templates. Tokenize.it aims to revolutionize access to investment opportunities and encourages participation in the success of promising startups. Notably, Tokenize.it was honored with the prestigious ‘Best Regulatory Innovation in Blockchain’ Award 2024 at the esteemed Paris Blockchain Week.

Photo by Tim Rüßmann on Unsplash

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