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Unlocking the True Potential of Tokenization: A Call for Simplification

By Brice Vandevoorde, Co-founder of Realiz.io.

Is it really what we’re doing? Despite positive signals and green lights, mass adoption of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization remains elusive. Only institutional giants like BlackRock seem to be taking significant steps. Why is this?
Brice Vandevoorde, Co-founder

We daily toss around terms like permissioned blockchain, DeFi, digital securities, and tokenomics. But for most, including our own family and friends, they’re gibberish.

Consider this: there are as many BTC users today as internet users in 1997. The tokenization market is projected to reach 10% of global GDP by 2030.



So, let’s simplify.

What’s the end goal? Not just for our team at Realiz but also for the broader “web 3” landscape and tokenization essence?

  1. Enable Accessible Investments: Keep it simple. Invest in a tangible asset, not abstract classes. Transparency is key. Picture yourself as a shareholder of an Italian Prosecco Vineyard, earning a share of profits annually. No hiding behind technical jargon – focus on the asset, its due diligence, and value generation.
  2. Bring Liquidity to Illiquid Assets: It’s about unlocking value beyond listed companies. SMEs and real estate can benefit. Technology enables it, and financial models exist.
  3. Harness DeFi Potential: Think collateralization, liquidity, and staking. But this is just the start. Tokenization’s opportunities will grow as the market develops – not a prediction, but a fact.

To drive mass adoption, we must simplify. At Realiz.io, we curate investments, list them on regulated platforms to comply with European regulations, and promote them to investors and partners.

The challenge for professional service providers like us at the current stage of our industry’s development is to raise enough funds to expand our team, grow our investor network, and make global investments accessible through our platform.

What is needed is to make more investors understand that the tokenization revolution is coming – it’s only a question of ‘when’ – and that investing more leads to an acceleration of development.

Don’t take my word for it; just listen to BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, who recently pointed out that what’s happening now is “stepping stones towards tokenization.” And BlackRock knows how to conduct market analyses before investing in a new field.

Now is the time and opportunity to become a frontrunner in reshaping the future of finance. Don’t miss out.

If you want to contact Realiz.io and Brice Vandevoorde, please use this address: [email protected]