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In this interview, Twobadour, the steward of Metapurse, tells us about Metapurse and explains why Metapurse bought Beeple´s NFT artwork Everydays: the First 5000 Days.




Welcome to The Tokenizers own NFT lab & shop. We intend to develop, mint and sell a small selection of NFTs that we find particularly interesting. We are aiming at NFTs that are testing out new areas in the ever expanding NFT space. Click on the image below to go to opensea and see the most recent NFT which is an interview with poet Sasha Stiles.

Sasha Stiles

Original poetry in translation and colored pencil on paper, rendered as hi-res jpeg.

In this gallery section, we will present prominent artists that work with NFTs. The gallery focuses on showcasing artworks that are central to the works of the artists. This month we are zooming in on the work of the artist Sasha Stiles.

  • Cursive Binary: My brain has crawled halfway to my heart. 
  • Cursive Binary: Cogito ergo sumthing. 
  • Cursive Binary: This plastic on key will outlive us all.

How to avoid disaster in the tokenization of financial assets

By Ralf Kubli