Vitruveo Achieves $1 Million Milestone in NFT Sales, Reinforcing Commitment to Empowering Creators

Vitruveo, the blockchain platform tailored for creators, proudly announces a significant achievement, surpassing $1 million in Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales. This milestone reflects the platform’s growing traction within the creator and Web3 community, showcasing the demand for Vitruveo’s innovative approach to supporting creators in the digital era.

Vitruveo’s groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem empowers artists to tokenize and monetize their work securely, providing new avenues for revenue generation and audience engagement. The platform achieved this milestone through the sale of Booster and Super Booster NFTs, each embedding a piece of art by renowned global artists. Notably, all artworks were Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled, offering buyers a unique interactive experience. In December 2023, these NFT artworks were showcased at Times Square, New York.

Holders of Vitruveo’s NFTs not only receive $VTRU tokens, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, but also earn a 30% commission fee from subsequent art sales. Additionally, they benefit from early adopter rewards through Vitruveo’s unique built-in rebasing function, ensuring the compounding of $VTRU tokens over time without concerns about inflation.

Nik Kalyani, Founder and CEO of Vitruveo, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating, “We are thrilled to have crossed the $1 million mark in NFT sales. This success reinforces our commitment to providing creators with a blockchain platform that empowers them to thrive in the digital economy.”

The funds raised through NFT sales will be strategically allocated to strengthen Vitruveo’s ecosystem. Key focus areas include enhancing platform features, expanding partnerships, ensuring exchange liquidity, and deploying cutting-edge decentralized applications (Dapps) for a seamless and secure experience.

About Vitruveo

Vitruveo is a vertically-integrated ecosystem for creators, built on trust, technology, and community principles. Utilizing an EVM-based protocol, it establishes a decentralized ecosystem offering dApps, learning materials, workshops, events, and marketing support. With a unique auto-rebasing protocol, Vitruveo ensures long-term sustainability and passive income opportunities for creators and investors alike.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

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