SBINFT Launches Mits, a Revolutionary NFT Marketing Platform to Elevate Web3 Marketing Strategies

SBINFT Co., Ltd., the operator of Japan’s largest and most successful NFT marketplace, proudly announces the global launch of its innovative NFT marketing platform, SBINFT Mits. This cutting-edge service opens the door for international brands to incorporate NFTs at the core of their marketing strategies, introducing customers to the unique advantages of digital collectibles.

SBINFT initially started as a comprehensive NFT marketplace, with a primary focus on digital art. In June 2023, the company strategically shifted its focus to blockchain game NFTs through a partnership with the Oasys blockchain. The rebranding of the SBINFT Market was finalized in November 2023, and starting January 2024, numerous top-tier global video game developers are expected to list their digital assets on the platform.

Having launched its blockchain business in 2018 and the NFT marketplace in 2021, SBINFT joined the SBI group, rebranding as SBINFT. With an average NFT price ranging between 10,000-20,000 JPY and funding of 700 million JPY, SBINFT stands as the largest NFT marketplace in Japan.

SBINFT Mits is a platform service designed to connect Web2 and Web3 companies with their NFT projects, fostering loyal communities around digital collectibles. The service provides features for simplified NFT project management, including event management functionality and analytics tools to track the success of marketing campaigns. For companies, the main advantage of SBINFT Mits lies in consolidating NFT design and campaign management into a user-friendly platform.

This new service caters to both individuals, such as social media influencers, and large businesses across various industries. Users gain access to tools that streamline the design and creation of functional utility NFTs while managing minting, distribution, and marketing strategy.

First unveiled at the 2023 WebX Summit in Japan, SBINFT Mits positions itself as a platform for companies aiming to “Be the FIRST. Be the STANDARD” within the emerging Web3 movement. Later this year, the platform will expand its capabilities, introducing tools for companies to efficiently mint NFT collections, linking physical merchandise to digital collectibles before shipping it to NFT holders.

SBINFT Mits aims to create a points system to incentivize user participation in brands’ marketing initiatives, building loyal communities centered around digital collectibles.

The initial response to SBINFT Mits has been positive, with over 37 Japanese brands signing up for its open beta, launched in October. Among the early adopters are prominent enterprises such as Yucho Brewery, a 300-year-old sake brewery, Securitize, and travel and tourism operator H.I.S.

Ko Jangdeok, CEO of SBINFT, stated, “Launching SBINFT Mits is our stride into the NFT information technology revolution, where we believe the world is poised for transformative change. Positioned at the forefront, SBINFT serves as the heart of this revolution, connecting global brands with the unparalleled potential of NFTs through our innovative platform.”

As one of Japan’s most recognizable Web3 brands, SBINFT also offers NFT consulting services, assisting companies and organizations in building new business models. Their services include a WebAPI-powered support service called Token Connect, enabling companies to construct their branded NFT marketplaces.


SBINFT is the creator of Japan’s largest NFT marketplace, providing tools for creators and companies to issue, sell, and manage the secondary distribution of blockchain-based digital assets. Through its platform, NFT content creators can launch primary sales, while users can acquire NFTs via secondary sales in a peer-to-peer manner. The SBINFT Market focuses on utility NFTs for blockchain games and e-tickets, along with the secondary sale of blue-chip NFT art, music, and photography.

Photo by Su San Lee on Unsplash

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