TRUE Announces Strategic Investment Round to Scale NFT Engagement Tools for Brands

TRUE, a leading platform providing white-label NFT solutions and engagement tools for Web2 businesses, initiates the launch of its strategic investment round. With positive signals from the crypto market indicating an opportune time for investments in emerging markets, TRUE’s infrastructure and products are ready for rapid scaling and promotion.

Having successfully closed its pre-seed and seed rounds, TRUE has evolved from a startup into a stable and thriving business, poised to embark on this confident strategic round. With ten successful projects launched and NFT technology integrated into various industries such as event management, global gaming, iGaming, car sector, and investment platforms, TRUE is showcasing the immense potential of NFT utility by seamlessly integrating gamification mechanics into any business.

TRUE firmly believes that NFT utility is the unrivalled engagement solution for traditional Web2 companies in the crypto space. As more companies recognize the transformative power of NFT technology, it becomes increasingly clear that there is no alternative in the crypto world for engaging with the audience on a deeper level.

As the company prepares for the launch of its native token, it is also proud to announce its partnerships with a top-tier market maker that operates with major exchanges, further solidifying its position in the market. This strategic round will enable TRUE to further expand its offerings and broaden its reach, delivering innovative NFT solutions to a diverse range of industries.

“We are excited to enter this strategic investment round as TRUE continues to shape the future of NFT utility for Web2 brands,” said Dan Andrian, CEO of TRUE. “With our successful track record and existing partnerships, we are confident that this round will further accelerate our mission to revolutionize engagement and drive mass adoption of NFT technology across traditional businesses”.

TRUE invites prospective investors with a strong portfolio to join in this transformative journey, seizing the opportunity to be part of the future of NFT engagement tools and the exponential growth it brings to the Web2 ecosystem.

Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

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