eWorld Companies Pioneers Wine Market Modernization with NFTs

eWorld Companies, Inc., the owner of Angelini Trading Company and a global innovator in cutting-edge technology, has announced its latest endeavor to revolutionize the wine market through the development of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) specifically tailored for the industry. With a growing portfolio of NFT products, including its own cryptocurrency ($VINO) and Bitcoin Wine NFT, as well as a recent acquisition of a 10 percent ownership stake in NFT Distribution Company, Inc., eWorld is leveraging its network and expertise to create new NFTs that will bring significant value across the wine value chain.

Driving Innovation in the Wine Industry

Miroslaw (Mirek) Gorny, Chief Executive Officer at eWorld, emphasized the company’s commitment to transforming the wine industry by introducing new technologies. eWorld aims to enhance transparency, authenticity, and engagement, creating new opportunities for wineries and wine collectors. By combining time-tested traditional methods with next-generation technology like Artificial Intelligence and NFTs, eWorld is at the forefront of driving innovation in the wine market to meet the demands of the digital age. Stating, “We see an opportunity to transform the way wine is produced, distributed, and experienced, by enhancing transparency, authenticity, and engagement, creating new value for wineries and wine collectors alike. We are meticulously growing our portfolio to provide diverse exposure to the wine industry, from the time-tested traditional modalities to the introduction of next generation technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and NFTs, that will complement and modernize the market to meet demand in today’s digital world.”

The Rise and Utility of NFTs

Initially hailed for their novelty, NFTs have matured over the past two years and are now recognized for their utility. Unlike fungible assets like Bitcoin, NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced. These digital assets exist on a decentralized blockchain, securely recording and storing transactions.

Integrating NFTs into the Wine Industry

eWorld aims to integrate NFTs into the wine industry, enabling wineries to establish unique digital assets for each bottle or vintage. By digitizing and tokenizing the provenance and authenticity of their wines, wineries can securely sell their products worldwide. Utilizing blockchain-based smart contracts, eWorld’s NFT solution will create tamper-proof records, eliminating the threat of counterfeiting that continues to plague the market. NFTs also provide wineries with an avenue to enhance customer experiences by minting limited edition tokens that grant exclusive access to events, private tastings, vineyard tours, and more. This approach fosters a sense of community, deepening customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Empowering Wine Collectors and Enthusiasts

eWorld’s NFT platform will enable wine collectors and enthusiasts to own and trade digital representations of rare and collectible wines. Each NFT will encapsulate the unique characteristics and history of a specific bottle or vintage, creating a virtual marketplace where wine aficionados can explore, engage, and invest in fine wines.

Built on a secure and scalable blockchain platform, eWorld’s NFT solution ensures the highest levels of data integrity and privacy. Leveraging their extensive expertise in blockchain technology and commitment to innovation, eWorld empowers wineries to embrace the digital revolution and capitalize on the growing interest in NFTs.

About eWorld Companies, Inc.

eWorld Companies, Inc. serves as the parent company of Angelini Trading Company, a reputable business based in the Los Angeles area. Angelini Trading specializes in the distribution of 26 distinct wine varieties sourced from five family-owned wineries. Additionally, the company offers products from artisanal Italian pasta factories, an award-winning olive oil company, and other rare specialty food items. eWorld focuses on successfully launching Angelini Trading’s Caponero and Benevento brand wines in the U.S. consumer market. They also introduced the exclusive “Bitcoin Wine” series, which combines physical wine bottles with digital NFT assets.

Photo by Sven Wilhelm on Unsplash

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