Luxochain and BlockInvest’s to Revolutionize the Luxury Industry

BlockInvest, a leading provider of blockchain solutions, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Luxochain, a Swiss company with global expertise in product certification. Through this collaboration, Luxochain will leverage BlockInvest’s cutting-edge Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology to enhance its services and create together a marketplace for luxury products using BlockNFT combined with the technological infrastructure of Luxochain.

Luxochain has gained significant recognition for its expertise in verifying the authenticity and provenance of luxury goods through advanced blockchain technology. By integrating BlockInvest’s NFT solutions into Luxochain’s existing infrastructure, Luxochain will establish an unparalleled system that offers heightened transparency, security, and traceability for luxury products.

BlockInvest’s and Luxochain now are able together to deliver luxury goods marketplaces, creating added value for Luxochain existing business. By harnessing the power of NFTs, Luxochain can establish a new market that connects the physical product and its digital counterpart, assuring consumers of the item’s origin, craftsmanship, and value.

By joining forces, Luxochain aims to tackle the widespread problem of counterfeit products within the luxury industry. This collaboration will enable Luxochain to offer luxury Digital Twins for sale and provide users with the freedom to exchange them, thereby enhancing Luxochain’s business and delivering a distinct value proposition.

“We are delighted to provide Luxochain with our NFT technology for the luxury market,” said Lorenzo Rigatti, CEO of BlockInvest. “By combining Luxochain’s expertise and infrastructure in luxury brand verification with our blockchain solutions, we can redefine how authenticity is established in the industry. Together, we aim to create an ecosystem where customers can confidently purchase genuine luxury goods.”

Luxochain’s CEO, Davide Baldi, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with BlockInvest., Together, we are able to provide a whitelabel web3 e-commerce solution, to increase sales of our brands, where physical products and digital twins will be the two inseparable components of every item placed on the market. The entire world is proceeding in the direction of creating phygital products (physical plus digital), and we strongly believe, even from regulatory side, the Digital Product Passport will sooner require a digital twin notarized on to the blockchain. We are able to provide to our customers a secure and transparent method of ensuring the authenticity of luxury products. This partnership represents a significant step towards building trust and protecting the integrity of the luxury market.”

This partnership holds immense potential for the luxury industry, offering a novel approach to fighting counterfeit products and strengthening brand reputation. Through the integration of Digital Twin Marketplace, Luxochain is poised to reshape how luxury goods are sold and exchanged, setting a new standard for trust and transparency in the market.

About BlockInvest

BlockInvest is a fast-growing fintech startup based in Milan, founded by professionals from the blockchain, real estate and financial sectors. It provides plug and play and customized solutions for companies and financial institutions wishing to enter the blockchain space by tokenizing different types of assets represented on blockchain. As of December 2021, it became the first Italian startup in which Crédit Agricole chose to invest.

About Luxochain

Luxochain is a Swiss company, based in Lugano, with world-class expertise in leveraging blockchain technology and product certification. Our mission is to delive sustainability, reputation, and authenticity into the luxury market and ensure ownership of real products. Creating Digital Twins, unique certificates of authenticity and ownership combined with each product, Luxochain aims to increase brand awareness and fight the counterfeiting market. Luxochain registers goods’ ownership transfers, the customer receives a certificate of digital property, as if it were the passport of the product itself, with a guarantee of non-repeatability. Luxochain offers a service to end-users, protecting them in the purchase of their products. At the same time, it works alongside the luxury brands, providing them with a transparency and loyalty system, as well as for analytics and insights towards their customers.

Photo by Domenico Gentile on Unsplash

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