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BrickMark Group Closes a Series A with CHF 10 million led by Dynasty Global

Dynasty Global Investments AG (Dynasty) and BrickMark Group AG (BrickMark), based in Zug/Switzerland, have finalized their strategic partnership agreement with Dynasty’s acquisition of a strategic stake in BrickMark as part of a Series A Financing.

The closing was marked by the transaction of the investment amount equaling CHF 10 million, which was executed with D¥N in real time on the Ethereum Blockchain in front of the participants of the Unconference of the SWISS WEB3 FESTS.

Essentially, the strategic partnership will see BrickMark integrate the D¥N payment token issued by Dynasty into its real estate tokenization platform, and, in return, Dynasty will acquire a strategic stake in BrickMark. The D¥N is classified by the Swiss and Brazilian Financial Market Authorities as Payment Token with real estate reference and can be used as digital currency to settle real estate security tokens on BrickMark’s proprietary platform BRICKGATE. BRICKGATE is Europe’s first vertical real estate tokenization platform and is scheduled to be released for the Brazilian Market in Q3 2024 with Real Estate projects exceeding USD 400 million asset value.

With a maximum issuance of 21 million units, The D¥N token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is capped at a maximum supply of 21 million token like Bitcoin and has a market cap of currently c. CHF 240 million. Dynasty Global plans to list the token on at least two major crypto exchanges in the next two months.

The agreement also provides for BrickMark to tokenize over CHF 1.5 billion worth of real estate assets on its platform in the coming months, with CHF 400 million of these assets already coming from Dynasty’s portfolio and network, mainly in Brazil.

Eduardo Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Dynasty Global AG, says the settlement of the transaction with D¥N shows that the D¥N payment token is gaining global acceptance, similar to the real estate market. “For D¥N, the integration into the BrickMark platform is a strategic step that further underlines its value. We are aiming to become the leading digital payment provider in the real estate sector.”