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Leading Web3 venture capital firm Taisu Ventures announces strategic investment and advisory role in CSpro Global Holding Limited, aiming to revolutionize the Real World Asset tokenization market.

Taisu Ventures, a prominent figure in the Web3 venture capital sphere, has revealed its latest move towards fostering innovation in the blockchain space. The firm has announced a significant investment and a strategic advisory role in CSpro Global Holding Limited, a core business arm under the renowned Coinstreet Group. CSpro specializes in tapping into global Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization market opportunities, primary market brokerage, and distribution of Security Tokens to professional investors.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the journey towards driving innovation and adoption in RWA tokenization through Security Token Offerings (STOs). By joining forces, Taisu Ventures and CSpro aim to bridge traditional finance and Web3 tokenization ecosystems worldwide, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

“Taisu Ventures is excited to invest in and drive growth as a strategic advisor of CSpro to propel innovation in the Security Token Offerings space,” stated Takashi Hayashida, Managing Partner of Taisu Ventures. “CSpro’s expertise in asset tokenization, combined with our shared vision for the future of blockchain technology, will enable us to open up new possibilities for capital raising for startups and investment for alternative and private equity investors.”

The partnership with Taisu Ventures marks a strategic milestone for CSpro, enhancing its capabilities to expand services and solidifying its market position as a pioneering primary issuance and distribution platform exclusively focused on STOs. Samson Lee, Founder and CEO of CSpro, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing their joint mission to unlock new frontiers in the digital asset space.

“Our mission is to unlock new frontiers in the digital asset space by bringing together token issuers and professional investors through a technology-driven platform,” said Samson Lee. “Together with Taisu Ventures, we aim to reshape the landscape of regulated structured products linked to RWAs and unlock new opportunities for capital raising and investment.”

CSpro, operating under the Coinstreet Group umbrella, aims to establish a multi-country RWA tokenization platform covering key financial markets globally. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, including project management, tokenization process management, listing & distribution, investor relations, and coordination services with legal & compliance, among others.

Key benefits of the CSpro platform include access to a variety of RWAs, efficient and transparent transactions facilitated by blockchain technology, cost efficiency compared to conventional financial markets, and global strategic partnerships.

Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

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