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Investcorp and Securitize Announce Strategic Partnership to Pioneer Fund Tokenization

Investcorp, a prominent alternative investment firm, has partnered with Securitize, the leader in tokenizing real-world assets, to explore fund tokenization opportunities. This strategic collaboration will initially focus on Investcorp’s Strategic Capital Group (ISCG), which specializes in acquiring minority interests in alternative asset managers (GPs).

ISCG, managing approximately $1.5 billion in assets under management (AUM), has completed 12 investments since its inception in 2019. The group is one of the most active GP stakes investors in the industry, partnering with mid-sized GPs across various strategies including buyout, secondaries, structured equity, private credit, and real assets.

Anthony Maniscalco, Managing Partner at ISCG, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Securitize continues Investcorp’s legacy of innovation in alternative investments. Tokenization technology can enhance efficiencies for investors and usher in a new era of accessibility. Through this partnership, Securitize is making the GP staking strategy available to a wider range of investors.”

Tim Osnabrug, Partner at ISCG, added, “We are eager to introduce our existing and future GP partners to this ecosystem as part of our broader GP development and value-add toolkit.”

Securitize’s innovative tokenization technology will enable qualified investors to access interests in GP staking strategies. In recent years, GP staking has gained popularity as investors seek to benefit from the growth of private markets.

Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and CEO of Securitize, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “Investcorp represents some of the most innovative thinking in the market. By tokenizing alternative assets, we are breaking down barriers and allowing individual investors to participate in opportunities that were previously out of reach. This partnership underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to unlock new financial possibilities.”

Securitize will manage the tokenization of funds through its digital transfer agent and offer them via its digital asset management arm, Securitize Capital. The tokenized feeder fund will be available for investment on Securitize Markets, the firm’s broker-dealer platform. This partnership showcases the transformative power of blockchain technology in the financial sector, enabling fractional ownership and increased liquidity.

About Investcorp

Investcorp is a global investment manager specializing in alternative investments across four asset classes: Private Equity, Real Assets, Credit, and Liquid Strategies. Since its inception in 1982, Investcorp has focused on generating attractive returns and creating long-term value in its portfolio companies. Today, Investcorp manages $52 billion in assets and has 14 offices worldwide, employing approximately 500 people from 50 nationalities.

About Securitize

Securitize leads in tokenizing real-world assets, driving the compliant digitization of financial assets through next-generation blockchain technology. Securitize, through its subsidiaries, is a registered broker-dealer and operates a primary marketplace and an alternative trading system.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen from Unsplash

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