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In a significant move, properties under Rocksolid Estate AG will be tokenized on the eCredits Blockchain. This means potential investors can make fractional investments in real estate, sharing in the benefits from rental, sale, and management, without the need for large capital outlays.

As the tokenization of global illiquid assets is projected to rise, potentially reaching a value of $16 trillion by 2030, Rocksolid Estate AG is integrating the ‘Instant Real Yield’ (IRY) concept. This model contrasts with conventional real estate investments and emphasizes practical blockchain applications. It aims to offer an alternative for investors looking to diversify portfolios without significant capital or loans.

What This Means for Investors

Investors can purchase tokens representing fractions of real estate holdings. The returns on these tokens are linked to the revenue generated by the associated properties. The entry point for investments is designed to be lower, enabling a more diverse group of investors to participate. Rocksolid Estate promises returns and monthly payouts, provided users adhere to the ROC Participation Rights.

In an effort to ensure compliance and security, Rocksolid Estate AG has formed a partnership with Equito, a MiFID II regulated broker. This collaboration offers a regulated investment platform. Furthermore, investors are granted voting rights, allowing them some influence over corporate decisions. They can choose from a variety of investment options, including commercial real estate and eco-friendly initiatives such as solar power plants.

Statements from the Leaders

Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, mentioned, “The integration of eCredits’ blockchain technology with Rocksolid’s approach to real estate offers a potential avenue for individuals looking at diverse investment opportunities.”

Sebastian Arnezeder, CEO of Rocksolid Estate AG, added, “The collaboration between eCredits and Rocksolid Estate explores how blockchain can potentially provide more access to sectors traditionally seen as exclusive.”

About the Entities

eCredits is a blockchain-based platform focused on supporting local businesses and exploring avenues in financial decentralization. With its native cryptocurrency, ECS, eCredits offers a potential medium for everyday transactions. The People’s SCE, backing the eCredits Blockchain, promotes decentralized governance, adhering to the principle of “one member, one vote”.

Rocksolid Estate AG specializes in tokenized real estate. With a blend of technology and a commitment to transparency, they aim to provide alternative real estate investment options.

For further information, you can visit eCredits, The SCE, and Rocksolid Estate AG.

Photo by Philipp Mandler on Unsplash

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