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The Tokenizer already has a long-standing record of publishing reports and whitepapers on topics within the token economy. Today, we are happy to announce the launch of our latest expert report: Tokenization of Real Estate – and its Potential to Increase Investment Accessibility.

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, worth an estimated $228 trillion, yet only 3% of the global population has invested in it. Real estate investing is highly illiquid and requires significant upfront capital, making it difficult for investors to quickly access their capital or respond to changing market conditions. You can view and download your copy of The Tokenizer’s Tokenization of Real Estate report here:

Increase democratization and liquidity

This new Tokenization of Real Estate report proposes that tokenization and fractionalization of real estate via blockchain technology can democratize and increase liquidity in the real estate market, allowing investors of all levels to participate and benefit from the advantages of real estate investing. Tokenization involves creating digital tokens that represent ownership rights in a real estate asset, which can then be sold to investors, providing fractional ownership of the underlying asset.

The benefits of real estate tokenization and fractionalization include a lower barrier to entry and increased liquidity. Fractional ownership enables investors to buy and sell portions of real estate assets, increasing accessibility for a broader range of individuals. This report also discusses the challenges to tokenization, primarily the lack of regulatory clarity. 

Four more new reports

In the coming months, The Tokenizer will publish the following four reports:

Tokenization of Funds & Bonds – This report deep dive into the exciting topic of tokenizing funds and bonds, which could impact worldwide.

Regulation at a Glance – two reports – These reports deliver an overview of security token regulations across jurisdictions in Europe and Asia.

  • Regulation at a Glance – Europe (covering 26 European countries)
  • Regulation at a Glance – Asia (covering 29 Asian counties)

The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who in Asset Tokenization 2024 – Preparation for the 2024 edition of The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who starts now, and The Tokenizer is already receiving sponsorship requests for this new edition.

Before summer, The Tokenizer published two reports that received an overwhelmingly positive reception globally. They are still available for download: The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who 2023 and The Uncertain Regulatory Status of NFTs.

Available sponsorships

All reports will be financed through sponsorships and free to download for our global audience throughout the security token industry. Professional players interested in sponsorship should contact The Tokenizer for more information.

The report Tokenization of Real Estate – and its Potential to Increase Investment Accessibility is exclusively sponsored by Blocksquare.

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