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The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who Guide 2023.

Mapping the security token industry

How often do you see an entirely new industry being born and growing up right in front of your eyes? 

At The Tokenizer, we have had that privilege since we launched our platform at the beginning of 2019. Back then, the circles were narrow, and all the company names of the entire asset tokenization industry could easily have been written on the back of an envelope. And for the same reason, producing an industry guide at that time seemed like overkill. 

But not anymore. So much has happened, so much work has been done, and so many new players have entered the industry. The number of issuance platforms alone should be counted in hundreds today, and the same goes for various service providers globally. Even though most players in the industry are impatiently waiting for asset tokenization to show its full potential, the increase in interest and acceleration during the recent year has been significant. 

As something new, we now see how almost all the large consulting firms, as well as the big international financial institutions, are publishing colourful promising reports about the future of tokenization – like BCG, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Blackrock and many more. This is all great news for our industry because it helps grab the attention of the broad global capital and investment market and the hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide that our industry will eventually be geared to serve. 

As always, when an industry is born, there’s an avant-garde, a first wave of the most innovative, daring, risk-taking players that enter the market before the market is even there and have to help create it themselves while trying to stay alive. A number of these companies died on their way to the summit and became our industry’s first real Glorious Failures. Companies like the US issuance platform Harbor, the German issuance platform Neufund, the UK-based trading platform Currency.com and Hong Kong-based Liquefy are just a few of the projects founded on great ideas, but for different reasons without the necessary stamina to survive in the long run. 

But thanks to the avant-garde, the industry was started, and despite the fallen ones, the total number of industry players is rising day by day, and now, in 2023, an industry guide has become a necessary tool if you want to obtain an overview of the players and the action. So far, there hasn’t been such a guide, and that’s why The Tokenizer is happy and proud to present to you the first edition of The Who’s Who Guide of asset tokenization by The Tokenizer. 

The Who’s Who Guide offers you all the information needed to find your way around the industry. Hundreds of professionals from all relevant categories of players are listed and easy to find. 

This 2023 edition will be followed by a new and updated version each year from now on, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how much the guide has grown in five and ten years from now. You can also visit our constantly updated online industry trackers.

Happy reading!   

Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash