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Top 10 Security Token and Tokenization Articles of 2021

Happy new year from The Tokenizer! 2021 has been a very busy and exciting year for the team behind The Tokenizer. We became a private limited company, closed our first funding round and have expanded The Tokenizer with our brand new NFT section NFT by The Tokenizer.

Below we have listed the top-10 most read tokenization articles to provide you with an overview of the most popular subjects on The Tokenizer over the past year.

The list is a snap-shot based on the statistics as of late December 2021. Some of the articles are newer than others and are hence likely to continue to climb the list.

Top-10 Tokenization Articles of 2021

  1. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/01/25/real-estate-is-ready-for-tokenization/
  2. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/02/04/hanging-out-in-cryptovoxels/
  3. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/02/26/a-new-way-of-fundraising-for-private-enterprises/
  4. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/09/08/wall-street-ramps-up-tokenization-infrastructure-as-second-wave-of-digital-assets-builds/
  5. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/03/17/when-nft-meets-the-art-world/
  6. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/08/31/singapore-encouraging-innovation/
  7. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/08/18/austria-europes-first-country-to-host-an-sto/
  8. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/03/04/inverse-tokenization-re-routing-re-rooting-value/
  9. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/12/01/the-tokenizer-launches-nft-platform/
  10. https://thetokenizer.io/2021/10/07/real-estate-the-next-big-step/ 

Real Estate is Ready for Tokenization

In the first place, we continue last year’s tendency with an article on real estate tokenization. This industry has been one of the very early adopters of tokenization and in this article, you will find an explanation as to how tokenization can solve liquidity problems in the commercial real estate sector.

Hanging out in Cryptovoxels

On second place, we find a (then) guest post by NFT artist Jonas Kasper Jensen who interviewed artists Robness Cyberpop and OficinasTK in Cryptovoxels. A few months after he wrote the article, Jonas Kasper Jensen became the editor of our newest section NFT by The Tokenizer.

A New Way of Fundraising for Private Enterprises

Third on the list is an interview with Samson Lee, founder and CEO of Coinstreet Partners. In this interview, Samson Lee elaborates on Coinstreet Partners’ journey, how asset tokenization is influencing the financial market and the opportunities STOs present for private enterprises. 

Wall Street Ramps up Tokenization Infrastructure as Second Wave of Digital Assets Builds

Fourth on our list we find an article written by Max Smetannikov, our representative based in New York, on which asset classes are being adopted by Wall Street investors. Max spoke with several market participants to get their opinions on digital assets and observations from the inside of Wall Street.

When NFT Meets the Art World

Fifth on our list is an interview with Jonas Kasper Jensen on the massive interest NFTs have gotten from all corners of the world in 2021. Being an NFT artist himself, Jonas shines a light on this new tool artists now have for proving authenticity and provenance of their works, and how NFTs will affect digital as well as physical art in the future.

Encouraging Innovation

The sixth article on our list is an interview with Li-Ling Ch’ng, Partner at RHTLaw Asia, about the new security token industry and Singapore’s attitude towards them. This interview is a part of our series on tokenization regulation in different parts of the world.

How Austria Became the First European Country to host an STO

Seventh on our list is an interview with Oliver Völkel, Partner at Stadler Völkel, on Austria’s adoption of tokenization and STOs. The Austrian government was a first mover in the tokenization field and approved STOs already by 2018. Oliver Völkel also shares how foreign companies within the STO space can operate from Austria and tells about the regulatory framework that made this development possible.

Inverse-Tokenization: Re-Routing & Re-Rooting Value

On the eights place we find a guest post by Ben Caselin, Head of Research and Strategy at AAX, the first cryptocurrency exchange to be powered by the London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology. In this article, Ben Caselin discusses the concept of ‘inverse tokenization’, the differences between Bitcoins and STOs, and the new ways of raising capital via digital assets.

The Tokenizer Launches NFT Platform

Ninth on the list is our very own NFT platform announcement. On 1 December 2021, we launched ‘NFT by The Tokenizer’, a platform dedicated to the NFT industry. The article explains why NFTs are important for the tokenization industry, which sectors the platform will cover and tells you all about the lab we have created for minting experimental NFTs. 

Tokenization of Real Estate – The Next Big Step

Tenth on the list is an interview between Max Smetannikov and Frank Muradov, COO of Park Rock Capital. In this article, they talk about their predictions for the tokenization of real estate, raising capital and the current conditions for both the lender and the borrower. Frank Muradov also provides his take on what Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s roles are in the development of the real estate industry.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about what 2022 holds for the tokenization space. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our latest services: The RegRadar and The Asset Registration & Tradebility Service, which will both be released in Q1 2022!

Happy New Year!

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

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