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The Tokenizer A/S now launches its new NFT site – NFT by The Tokenizer – with the ambition to deliver a 360-degree perspective on NFT and the NFT industry. The new site will cover NFTs related to business, regulation, technology, gaming, and – of course – art. It will even include a small lab for the minting of experimental NFTs that will be offered for sale through the website and OpenSea.

The sky is the limit for new use cases of non-fungible tokens – NFTs. That is why The Tokenizer has decided to add a comprehensive specialised NFT site to its main site. 

Today, most people only know NFTs as pieces of digital artworks sometimes sold for insane amounts of money – but non-fungible tokens are so much more than that. NFTs hold the potential for, in principle, representing any type of non-fungible asset, whether digital or physical. CEO of The Tokenizer, Michael Juul Rugaard, says: 

“If you analyse what a non-fungible token really is, it becomes clear that, in a sense, this is perhaps the most fundamental type of token, and you can argue that any asset tokenisation starts here. It begins with the registration of an asset, with the creation of a digital, blockchain-based deed. Or as William Entriken, the lead author of the ERC-721 NFT standard, points out, with a ‘notarization’, which is a process that has been around in different forms for the last 500 years.” 

A shop with one unique item for one customer

William Entriken is one of the renowned NFT experts The Tokenizer has interviewed for the new NFT site. And this particular interview with William Entriken made into an NFT is also the first item to be offered for sale in The Tokenizer’s own NFT lab & shop.

The Tokenizer’s Editor of NFT, Jonas Kasper Jensen, says: 

“To our knowledge, this might be the first NFT of a single journalistic interview ever minted, which makes it an exciting experiment. However, there have been a few journalistic platforms experimenting with NFTs of other types of journalism, and it’s going to be interesting to see which role NFTs will play in journalism and the media industry in the future. And perhaps help encourage new business models for content.”    

The NFT of the William Entriken interview is the first NFT in a series of tokenized interviews with key persons of the token economy. The interviews will be published on The Tokenizer, minted as NFTs on Ethereum with a link to a PDF placed on the IPFS file system, and offered for sale in The Tokenizer’s lab & shop – one at a time. And since each interview will be represented by only one NFT, this will probably be the first shop in the world with only one item that only one customer can buy. 

For the launch of NFT by The Tokenizer, The Tokenizer’s team has put together a large package of original content that covers several essential NFT areas such as business, regulation, technology, gaming, and art. These are all areas that NFT by The Tokenizer will thoroughly analyse and write about in the future. 

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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