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Happy new year from The Tokenizer! 2022 has been a very exciting and eventful year for the team behind The Tokenizer. We took a deep dive into the regulatory space this year as we launched The Token RegRadar SaaS tool and more recently The RegCheck Service Suite to assist industry players and their projects to remain compliant.

Here below we have listed the top-10 most read tokenization articles, press releases and NFT stories to bring you an overview of the most popular subjects on The Tokenizer over the past year.

The list is a snap-shot based on the statistics as of late December 2022. Some of the articles are newer than others and are hence likely to continue to climb the list.

Top-10 Tokenization Articles of 2021

  1. Tokenization Market in Europe: Predicted Growth, Regulation, and Top Cases
  2. Tokenization Market in Europe: Predicted Growth, Regulation, and Top Cases
  3. New BCG report: Asset tokenization projected to grow 50x into a US$16 trillion opportunity by 2030
  4. New Report: Security Token Regulation in Europe
  5. Mapping the asset tokenization industry
  6. The Token RegRadar Interview Series – Episode 5
  7. The Token RegRadar – a global overview of security token regulations
  8. “Yes to Digital Asset Innovation, No to Cryptocurrency Speculation”
  9. The Token RegRadar Interview Series – Episode 2
  10. Athena Intelligence launches first security token due diligence report

On top of this list we have two guest posts provided by Stobox expanding on the tokenization industry in Europe, diving into current EU regulation affecting the market, the industry’s development and top STO cases within the Region. Third on the list is a report by BCG and ADDX forecasting that the asset tokenization industry will expand into a US$16.1 trillion business opportunity by 2030. Said projected growth is driven by demand from a wide range of investors for greater access to private markets where tokenization can be utilized to lower barriers to investments in private markets.

Fourth on the list is a report by our very own Legal Analyst, Naz Sipahi, diving into the security token regulation within Europe. As a regulatory spotlight shines on the tokenization industry the need to remain legally compliant has never been as important. Fifth on the list focuses on the need to map out the tokenization space as a whole, where we at The Tokenizer aim to deliver a complete overview of the most important industry players in the space, check it out here.

As you can see the most popular stories this year have incorporated some focus towards regulation of the tokenization industry. This list includes two episodes from The Token RegRadar Interview Series where we interview lawyers from all over the world to learn more about regulation in their countries and thereby globally. Additionally the list includes stories focusing on the Token RegRadar launch earlier this year and eight on the list is a story focusing on digital asset regulation in Singapore.

Top-5 NFT Stories

  1. Will NFTs bring about the poets of the metaverse?
  2. Could blockchain technology be the answer to paying musicians more fairly? 
  3. Poetry on the blockchain
  4. Generative Art Masterpieces From World-Leading NFT Artists Are Set to Illuminate Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 at Tezos NFT Exhibition
  5. NFT use case: Provenance

As we launched NFT by The Tokenizer late last year, we’d like to inform you on our top-5 NFT stories of 2022, we start off with a great interview with poet Sasha Stiles where she explains why NFTs are particularly suited to present contemporary poetry. Following we have a guest post by Martha Reyes, Head of Research at BEQUANT, where she dives into the music industry to explore whether blockchain technology can serve as an answer to paying musicians more fairly, diving into the streaming industry and how musicians receive revenue.

We get back to poetry in our third place in an interview with conceptual writer and artist Kalen Iwamoto where she gives insights into her own work and how words on the blockchain are already inspiring many writers to re-imagine the reading and writing experience in general. Fourth in line is a press release on NFTs joining in at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong during last spring. ‘NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art’ marked the very first Tezos exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong to showcase the works of over 20 contemporary generative digital artists from around the world.

To finish off the list, we have an original article by our NFT Editor, Jonas Kasper Jensen, where he introduces how NFTs can be used to record the provenance of artworks. Providing an introduction to provenance and its importance before diving into the question of why NFTs should be used to store provenance of artworks.

Top-5 Tokenization Press Releases

  1. Agrotoken Strengthens Its Alliance With Visa By Incorporating Pomelo And Algorand
  2. Knight Dragon Announces Central London’s First Building Tokenization at Greenwich Peninsula Development
  3. $100M security token offering, a milestone in the future of real estate tokenization
  4. World’s first regulatory radar to monitor the blockchain-based asset token space
  5. ADDX Launches Private Market Services For Wealth Managers

First on the list is Agrotoken’s partnership with Pomelo and Algorand for the implementation and development of a card designed for the agricultural sector. Second on the list is focused on real estate tokenization as Knight Dragon announces Central London’s first building tokenization at Greenwich Peninsula Development with an anticipated market value of £140 million. We continue on the real estate tokenization topic as third on the list is Alterra Worldwide‘s Tower 27 project, as they launch the T27S security token in a $100 million security token offering.

To finish off this top-5 list of 2022, we have a press release about The Token RegRadar launch emphasizing the importance of regulation in this industry. And ending with a press release on ADDX introducing their private market services for wealth managers, enabling them to bring more of their end-investors to the world of private investments on its digital securities exchange.

We’d like to thank you for the year passing and hope that you are as excited for 2023 and the possibilities next year has for the tokenization space.

Happy New Year!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash