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The world’s leading data and news platform for the asset tokenization industry, The Tokenizer, is creating an overview of the most important industry players in the new Who’s Who 2023 guide.

The Tokenizer has set out to deliver a complete overview of the tokenization industry and is now preparing its first annual guide for publication in 2023. The report aims to map out the entire asset tokenization ecosystem and connect all relevant industry players through The Tokenizer’s industry trackers.

The asset tokenization industry has grown rapidly within the past five years. More and more organisations recognise that tokenization of assets offers increased efficiency and new opportunities for asset owners and investors of all sizes. As a result of an increasing market potential and demand, more entrepreneurs are starting tokenization-related companies, and a growing number of projects are raising capital via security token offerings. 

Over the next decade, tokenization is expected to move more into the mainstream, and some analysts predict the market could grow to $24 trillion in specific scenarios. According to a World Economic Forum survey, tokenized assets will be up to 10% of global GDP in 2027. “As the tokenization industry grows, keeping track of the 600+ organisations in The Tokenizer’s network becomes increasingly challenging. That is why we are now creating the Who’s Who 2023 guide; to provide a useful overview of the different organisations’ expertise, services and geographical coverage,” says Michael Juul Ruggaard, CEO of The Tokenizer.

Our industry contacts currently include:

  • 60+ exchanges
  • 100+ issuing platforms
  • 150+ service providers
  • 80+ custodians
  • 100+ NFT players
  • 130+ Law firms

The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who 2023 guide aims to feature as many of these industry contacts as possible. There will be four different options at various price points starting from EUR 595 to include both small and large organisations and to accommodate each organisation’s need for exposure.

To learn more about the guide and the options for participation, click here.

Image from Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

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