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Wellfield Technologies Unveils Innovative Principal Protected Yield on Gold in Ethereum-based Ecosystem

Wellfield Technologies Inc., a Fintech company focused on public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has unveiled a new financial product within its Ethereum-based gold ecosystem. The recently introduced offering, principal protected yield on gold, is designed to broaden the appeal of gold investments, especially to investors who may have been hesitant due to perceived drawbacks like a lack of cash flow and associated holding costs.

Wellfield Technologies has leveraged its proprietary decentralized financial services to create a unique product that provides a secure and protected yield on gold. This departure from conventional gold investment models reflects the company’s commitment to redefining investment solutions for both gold and cryptocurrency investors.

This strategic acquisition aligns with the company’s aim to enhance its market presence and underscore its dedication to combining trust with innovation in creating investment solutions.

Levy Cohen, CEO of Wellfield Technologies, emphasized the strategic direction, stating, “Through the strategic acquisitions of Tradewind Markets and Brane Trust, coupled with our innovative decentralized technologies, Wellfield is poised to introduce a groundbreaking investment offering – yield on gold. This unique opportunity, blending principal protected yield with gold’s enduring value, stands as an undeniable investment proposition that Wellfield is proud to be a pioneer.”

Cohen highlighted the crucial role of marketing in capitalizing on this groundbreaking opportunity. “As we approach the launch of our tokenized gold offering later this quarter and yield on gold solutions soon following, we will look to maximize our reach, both through industry partnerships and by leveraging assets like our newly acquired domain, yieldongold.com, as a tool to spearhead our direct marketing initiatives.”

About Wellfield Technologies

Wellfield Technologies is an R&D-focused Fintech company operating on public blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company operates a regulated platform that onboards customers globally at scale, utilizing proprietary decentralized technology to offer disruptive on-chain self-custody solutions. Wellfield operates two business lines: Coinmama (for consumers) with over 3.5 million registered users globally, and Wellfield Capital for institutional and professional investors. With recent acquisitions of Brane Trust Company Limited and Tradewind Markets, Inc., Wellfield expands its scope and monetization potential, aiming to establish and operate Canada’s second qualified digital asset custodian and digitizing real-world assets, starting with blockchain-based digital ownership of deliverable precious metals.

Image by John Peters from Unsplash

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