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The lack of regulatory clarity is one of the primary challenges for the further development of asset tokenization That is why The Tokenizer has developed The Token RegRadar as a professional tool for lawyers, issuance platforms, exchanges, STOs, asset owners, and institutional investors who need a continuously updated global overview of security token regulation.  

Tokens on a blockchain can represent shares, bonds, derivatives, and real-world assets. And companies, organisations and asset owners can use Security Token Offerings (STOs) as alternatives to traditional means of raising capital. The potential is enormous, and the emerging tokenisation industry is expected to become a global trillion-dollar business. 

However, regulatory uncertainty and the lack of a regulatory overview across jurisdictions severely slow down asset tokenisation adoption. To help solve this critical problem, The Tokenizer set out to develop The Token RegRadar. 

Up to date security token regulation overview

By constantly scanning jurisdictions worldwide, and collecting insights, news, and data on the actual regulatory situation, The Token RegRadar delivers a constantly updated overview of security token regulation across several jurisdictions. 

The Token RegRadar is a professional tool developed to assist lawyers, issuance platforms, exchanges, STOs, asset owners, and institutional investors. The tool’s purpose is to significantly add value to the subscribers by delivering valuable data and insight that will give a clear head start compared to competitors and save significant amounts of time and money.

The Token RegRadar consists of two main parts. The first part is a platform with a dashboard, a searchable database and a line of practical features that makes The Token RegRadar an indispensable tool in the daily work of anyone who needs, for instance, to advise clients about specific regulatory questions regarding asset tokenization and security tokens. 

The second part consists of regular newsletters, reports, and surveys created by The Token RegRadar’s specialised team and sent out to subscribers of The Token RegRadar to keep providing continuous updates on any relevant news and changes in the space. And to deliver valuable and unique insights into particular regulatory sub-topics of the overall theme of asset tokenization and security tokens.

How can The Token RegRadar help professionals in their daily work?

The Token RegRadar offers a competitive advantage by enabling professionals to collect and process vital regulatory information and insights easy and fast. Also, The Token RegRadar enables professionals to take on new challenges because of their ability to compare jurisdictions and cover new cross-border territories.

Top questions for security token regulation

For example, lawyers specialising in blockchain and tokenization would most likely use The Token RegRadar for a mix of searches such as:

  1. What are the legal requirements for security tokens globally?
  2. What are the legal requirements for security tokens in the US?
  3. What are the legal requirements for security tokens in Europe?
  4. What are the legal requirements for security tokens in South America?
  5. What are the legal requirements for security tokens in Asia?
  6. Where can I see the latest regulatory updates related to security tokens?
  7. Where can I find a comparison of security token regulations across jurisdictions?
  8. Where can I find the actual law texts for security token regulation from different jurisdictions?
  9. Which lawsuits related to security tokens have been filed – and where?
  10. Where can I find the overview of law firms working with digital assets and security tokens?

Subscription to The Tokenizer’s Token RegRadar can save you significant amounts of time finding the answers to these security token regulation questions.

How can I get an overview of security token regulation?

The Token RegRadar – a global overview of security token regulations – is a subscription-based service with a cost that quickly should be covered by the time saved and the increased quality of the advice and insights subscribers can offer their clients.

The Tokenizer is now soft-launching The Token RegRadar version 1.0, and clients can subscribe and start using the service.

The team is continuously working on additional features, training the search engine, and adding more material to the database, and new versions of The Token RegRadar will launch throughout the coming months. 

For more information and a subscription to The Token RegRadar, please visit https://regradar.thetokenizer.io/

To read The Token RegRadar FAQ, please visit: https://regradar.thetokenizer.io/faq 

Cover Photo by Igor Mashkov on Pexels


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