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New Report: Security Token Regulation in Europe

Get your free in-depth report on the status of security token regulation in the EU. 

The Tokenizer is committed to catalyzing the asset tokenization industry by providing easy access to the complex regulatory landscape of asset tokenization across the globe. Through our regulatory SaaS tool – The Token RegRadar – we deliver continuously updated overviews, insights, and analytics into security token regulation across jurisdictions all around the globe. 

As an example of the regulatory analysis, The Tokenizer is proud to share this 56-page in-depth report on the status of security token regulation in the EU with our readers. The report is written by Naz Sipahi, Master of Law and Legal Analyst at The Tokenizer.

Table of content

  1. Executive Summary 
  2. Main Findings 
  3. Introduction
  4. Setting the Stage
  5. Methodology
  6. Explaining Security Tokens and Security Token Offerings
    • What is a security token and a security token offering? 
    • Tokenisation 
    • Classification of tokens 
    • Security tokens 
    • STOs 
  7. Definition of Securities under Relevant EU Securities Legislation
    • How are securities classified in finance?
    • How are securities defined in relevant EU laws? 
    • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 
    • Prospectus Regulation
    • Market Abuse Regulation 
    • Settlement Finality Directive
  8. Application of Existing EU Securities Legislation to Security Tokens
    • Can existing EU securities legislation provisions also be applied to security tokens/STOs?
    • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
    • Prospectus Regulation
    • Market Abuse Regulation
    • Settlement Finality Directive
    • Central Securities Depository Regulation
    • The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive
    • Other applicable ancillary EU laws 
  9. Conclusion 

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