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Elitium NFT Marketplace to Integrate the DigitalBits Blockchain

Elitium, a blockchain-based wealth management ecosystem powering a host of luxury and fintech products, announced today that the company will be integrating the DigitalBits blockchain into its NFT marketplace, activating a number of potential synergies between the two ecosystems. These include the ability to utilize the DigitalBits/XDB token and other DigitalBits-based assets such as branded stablecoins to buy and sell assets within the Elitum NFT marketplace, and enabling Elitium users to mint and operate NFTs on the DigitalBits blockchain. Elitium has also joined the XDB Foundation partner program.

Elitium’s NFT marketplace currently operates on the Ethereum network, and plays host to both physical and digital art pieces. The addition of the DigitalBits blockchain introduces a new ecosystem of assets and organizations, expanding the existing Elitium offering. Elitium is currently working on a number of innovations within the NFT space, such as NFT farming, lock periods to protect artists, and royalty models to generate long-term value for its users, which will now have the option to leverage the DigitalBits blockchain.

Elitium recently came together with XDB Foundation ecosystem partner GDA Capital to host NFT BAZL, a unique physical NFT gallery. The event will take place on June 2, 2021, in Miami Florida, falling on the second day of the NFT Summit, and will play host to a number of prominent artists, including Tom Bates, Daniel Mazzonne, Super Budha, and Paul Rousso, and showcase over 100 physical and digital art pieces.

“We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what NFTs are capable of,” says Raoul Milhado, founder and CEO of Elitium. “As we move forward, there will not be one blockchain to rule them all, and we want to empower our users to operate on protocols that best suit their needs. The introduction of the DigitalBits blockchain will provide Elitium users with access to a dynamic, high performance blockchain, while plugging them into the unique NFT applications that the XDB Foundation is developing, including fan engagement tokens, gaming, and loyalty and rewards.”

Elitium is focused on removing barriers to blockchain adoption across numerous industries, facilitating access to digital assets through a trusted, compliant, secure wealth management platform. Having initially focused on luxury goods, Elitium has since expanded its vision and created a robust product suite, including the Elitium Suite, Staking Program, Card, Growth Program, NFT Marketplace, as well as their AI-enabled concierge service, Vera. Elitium is focused on creating a holistic user experience, and has developed products that empower everyday users to take full advantage of blockchain technology.

“I am very pleased to welcome Elitium to the DigitalBits ecosystem,” said Michael Gord, Managing Director of the XDB Foundation. “Elitium represents a network of high networth individuals and assets, and there are numerous synergies that will be activated through the coming together of our two ecosystems. The team also shares our vision of bringing blockchain to the masses, and has demonstrated an unparalleled determination to make this technology as accessible as possible. The combination of Elitium’s user-centric product suite and an enterprise-grade blockchain such as DigitalBits is a massive step towards onboarding a critical mass of users to the blockchain, and I look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

Photo by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash

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