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Blockchain Australia™ and Sheesha Finance Team up to Expand Incubation Services to Global Markets

Melbourne’s iconic blockchain solutions company Blockchain Australia™ has declared a partnership with the UAE-based DeFi mutual funds organisation, Sheesha Finance, with the objective of commercialising DeFi projects and expanding their market globally.

Even though decentralised finance or DeFi is an incredible platform, for a long time, it has been facing trouble in resources and strategy. That’s exactly the problem that Blockchain Australia and Sheesha Finance wish to solve together. They aim to decentralise the business model of incubation projects and thus, disrupt the industry. Starting with their Ethical DeFi project, Marhaba, the alliance seeks to focus on verticals such as DeFi, NFTs, and cross-platform gaming.

The primary goal of Blockchain Australia has always been to reshape markets, industries, and in turn, the society as a whole, with their innovative approach and creative solutions rooted in the disruptive technology of blockchain. They provide industry and company-specific blockchain solutions for startups and entrepreneurs, corporate teams, investors, and venture capitalists, as well as designing blockchain-based strategies, transforming real-world assets like art, venture capital funds, and real estate into security token (STO) offerings, NFTs Launch and designing blockchain-based strategies for startups and entrepreneurs, corporate teams, investors, and venture capitalists.

On the other hand, Sheesha Finance is dedicated to delivering a powerful decentralised finance or DeFi platform to the market that is reliable, well-funded, and backed by a large community. The establishment is one of the most well-known DeFi mutual funds and offers excellent cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and incentives. They offer infinite DeFi tokens from a varied portfolio of projects to investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders. The easily convertible assets of Sheesha Finance can be freely used to maximise benefits and obtain exposure to existing and new DeFi ventures.

Undoubtedly, the collaboration of Blockchain Australia and Sheesha Finance is exactly what the DeFi industry needs for an international representation in the commercial markets. Blockchain Australia aims to support the clients of Sheesha Finance in the ANZ region, whereas Sheesha Finance will do the same for the clients of Blockchain Australia in the MENA region. Blockchain Australia’s market leadership in enterprise and crypto finance combined with the business expertise of the Sheesha Team will certainly bring out some of the greatest ideas in the crypto space. With this collaboration, Blockchain Australia aims to solidify its position as a blockchain and crypto finance incubator in the MENA region, in an effort to advancing and mentoring the best selection of ideas and projects.

In the words of the CEO of Blockchain Australia, Ralph Kalsi, “Sheesha Finance is a mix of a lot of flavours, with VC’s, advisors, and startup mentors from various verticals. We are excited and very hopeful from this partnership because this is a way to mutually benefit each other across markets and boundaries.”

This partnership is a huge step forward for expanding blockchain around the world along with bringing high-quality DeFi ventures for stakeholders.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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