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Crossing The Yellow Blocks introduces the CBK Token Public Sale at Uniswap

After months of everyday hard work and constant platform improvement, the Crossing The Yellow Blocks team is glad to announce that the market for CBK token will be opened on June 2nd, 2021at 12:00 pm UTC at Uniswap v3.

Crossing The Yellow Blocks Episode 1 is officially released by the major marketplaces: Apple TV+ and Google Play Movies. Each episode of the docuseries is devoted to addressing popular misconceptions surrounding digital currencies, the various attitudes of authorities towards decentralized technologies, and the processes of their operation. The core team aimed to release the docuseries as a means of popularizing decentralized technologies and fostering adoption.

Crossing The Yellow Blocks first-ever tokenized docuseries bring the vision and discussion on the matter of decentralized repositories to the big screen, including banking, identity, and assets, exploring how blockchain is used to industrialize trust and streamline a variety of business processes. The entire season includes 10 episodes with each focused on a different particular blockchain use case.

The idea is not only bringing the educational content to life but also revolutionizing the way the entire industry operates. The filmmaking process can be fully operated by the decentralized social organization from fundraising to the production, from decision-making process to product release, from the title to the producers.

By creating a fully decentralized platform for the movie industry management, the Crossing the Yellow Blocks team is happy to announce the tool which was used to build the entire ecosystem to fuel the Crossing The Yellow Blocks docuseries — CBK Token.

CBK token as a fuel of Crossing The Yellow Blocks

CBK token is the essence and fuel for the entire “tokenized blockchain docuseries” idea. By tokenizing every millisecond, the team of Crossing The Yellow Blocks is bringing a very important message for the community: a new road to mass adoption is laying through the decentralization of the social organization.

In today’s world, the concept of tokenization is exposed through various fields of our lives and real estate, financial assets, art, and many more, but what we are doing with Crossing The Yellow Blocks docuseries is something revolutionary.

The team has converted the most essential asset of Crossing The Yellow Blocks docuseries into the digital counterpart, the CBK token. With the help of the CBK token, holders will be able to influence the development process of the entire project and participate in the decision-making for the further roadmap.

The process of tokenizing a film’s frames and further managing it on the Yellow Dapp would open up new opportunities at the same time it faces subsequent challenges to its adoption. The new tokenization method allows producers to open up innovative methods and promote the widespread adoption of investments in the entertainment industry.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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