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InvestorID Is Launched in Europe to Allow Investors to Compliantly Access Tokenized Securities

InvestorID Is Launched in Europe to Allow Investors to Compliantly Access Tokenized Securities

InvestorID is a market-driven decentralized application allowing investors to generate their on-chain identity to access and trade compliant tokenized securities. As an open initiative developed by key players in the blockchain and finance industries, the system aims to become the principal solution for investors to manage their own data and become identified on the blockchain infrastructure.

For the compliant ownership transfer of securities on the blockchain, it’s imperative for issuers to identify and know their token holders. InvestorID enables issuers to quickly understand whether or not their participants are eligible for the offering. Once this is validated, the jurisdiction’s rules and regulations can be automated.

Once investors create their identity, they can reuse and access multiple tokenized securities with increased ease, speed and cost efficiency. Personal data rules are respected as participants have complete control of their data and can give and restrict access accordingly. InvestorID features an easy recovery process, meaning users cannot lose their identity or their assets linked to it.

Tokeny CEO, Luc Falempin, mentioned, “By creating InvestorID,  issuers can act in full confidence that their securities are being accessed and traded compliantly. There wasn’t a solution on the market that accurately identifies the different stakeholders on the blockchain infrastructure, but it is a mandatory piece in order to apply securities laws in Europe.”

Luc added, “On the buy-side, It’s fundamental for investors to know they are respecting the necessary rules and regulations in relation to security trading. InvestorID relieves this worry and enables individuals and financial institutions to seamlessly create their on-chain and validated identity. This allows investors to trade tokenized securities in total confidence.”

The legislation across Europe has recently been progressive, with Luxembourg having recognised the blockchain as a legitimate infrastructure to register and transfer securities in the form of tokens. As other countries begin to follow suit, it’s imperative for the necessary systems to be in place to enable investors and issuers to act in full compliance.

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