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PixelPlex Provides Insights into Its Advanced Security Token Offering Platform

PixelPlex, a custom software development company, has recently launched a webpage devoted to its fully-fledged, state-of-the-art security token offering platform that allows you to digitise virtually any type of asset.

Being a serious market player with 13+ years of experience, PixelPlex does not cease coming up with new solutions aimed at helping businesses from various backgrounds boost their ROI, increase overall efficiency, and considerably minimize multiple bottlenecks.

Recently, the company has introduced its new solution – the security token offering (STO) platform that enables users to seamlessly run security token offerings and access innovative investment opportunities worldwide.

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According to the developers who worked on developing the platform, this innovative solution offers a host of real benefits, including unparalleled privacy and security, fractional ownership, great transparency, as well as programmable rights.

The security token offering platform by PixelPlex empowers users to be in full control of their campaigns thanks to the advanced security token offering campaign management. The solution has the following built-in functionality: multiple automated processes, including investors’ KYC/AML/CFT; content management for the investor’s UI and campaign landing page; campaign status, indicators and statistics visualized in one view; hot wallet setup, transaction management and investment optimization; direct communication channels between the user and the investor pool.

PixelPlex’s security token offering solution also grants full integration with the industry’s best service providers such as payment processing and automated mailing systems, top crypto exchanges and OTC markets, several services and DApps on the blockchain, and trusted AML/KYC/CFT providers.

PixelPlex has already successfully launched 5 STO projects that managed to raise more than $500 million. As the blockchain firm admits, the launch and customisation of the security token offering platform is made up of the four key steps:

  1. Initiation (requirements gathering, technical documentation, project infrastructure, CI and CD process setup)
  2. UI/UX design and architecture (mockups, sketches, prototypes, blockchain setup and customization)
  3. Integration and customization (smart contracts programming, KYC/AML configurations, admin dashboard setup and configuration, functionality customization)
  4. Delivery and deployment (production environment setup, project transfer and delivery, integration with business processes)

As PixelPlex admits, its STO platform will get in sync with literally any industry, including real estate, investment banking, art and luxury, healthcare and medical, telecom, retail, venture capital, and sports.

Photo by Zach Inglis on Unsplash


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