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PixelPlex Presents Its End-to-End STO Platform with a Built-in Exchange for Trading Securities Globally

PixelPlex continues to contribute to the development of blockchain technology. This time, the company has created its own STO platform that helps promising startups and enterprises digitize any kind of asset and run their security token offering campaign.

Through PixelPlex’s platform, both companies and investors can access new innovative investment methods and trade securities around the world as it also acts as a digital investment marketplace with a P2P network and has a built-in exchange.
“Our platform eliminates redundancies and allows you to focus on key management processes while lowering costs and opening the door to new business opportunities with increased revenue,” noted the PixelPlex team.

They also talked about the main features of their STO blockchain platform and commented on which industries it is suitable for.

First, it allows users to automate all processes, including investors’ KYC/AML/CFT. With just a few clicks, you can easily complete all procedures, from issuing tokens to attracting investors and managing assets.

The solution includes the installation of a hot wallet and gives managers the ability to easily manage transactions. Another important feature is the availability of direct communication channels between the company and the investor pool.
PixelPlex developers and designers have always attached great importance to the usability of their applications, and the STO platform is no exception. They have placed campaign status, indicators, and statistics in such a way that they are visualized in one view. Overall, PixelPlex has provided an intuitive UX/UI design.

Here are a few more benefits that startups and other businesses can reap from using the PixelPlex STO platform. As noted by the solution developers, the platform guarantees high security as strong encryption and blockchain technology itself protect all data and transaction details.

Users don’t have to worry about compliance with jurisdictional regulations either because they are programmed into and enforced by smart contracts. In addition to this, smart contracts are a tool to easily integrate additional features such as dividends, buybacks, and transfer of rights. Speaking of ownership, fractional ownership is possible: with tokens, investors can obtain ownership of a fraction of the startup’s real assets.

PixelPlex has also mentioned that their STO platform allows its users to customize their STO campaign parameters and tokens and adjust the solution to their specific business needs.
When it comes to industries, the PixelPlex team assures that their solution is suitable for any type of business, from healthcare, retail, and real estate to art, luxury, and precious stones and


About PixelPlex

PixelPlex has established itself as a trusted provider of blockchain solutions. Since 2013, the firm has launched 5 full-fledged blockchain-based networks and delivered over 50 blockchain-based solutions. The company’s specialists also have broad experience in the field of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, as well as the development of mobile and web applications.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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