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IX Swap, the first decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized stocks, has announced the imminent launch of its proprietary STO (security token offering) swaps platform. The new platform will go live on March 31, 2022, and will come with a wide range of user-focused trading and investment features. These include token swaps, liquidity pools, staking, vesting, and a complete security tokens catalog to help educate investors about the wide range of offerings on the IX Swap platform.

With these features, IX Swap will help both retail as well as institutional investors overcome many of the barriers currently facing traders within the STO ecosystem. On IX Swap, new projects can list their tokens and add liquidity to the platform, thereby enabling trade and overcoming the long-standing issue of the absence of Market Makers for new tokens. This is a simple and elegant yet groundbreaking advancement for STOs since it will now be possible for new projects to list their tokens and have the liquidity required to facilitate trade.

“We are entering a new era in the STO world. IX Swap has all of the necessary licenses, registrations, and approvals required to launch our new STO platform and provide specialized services to our traders, making us the first movers in the sector. Our long-term vision is to become the premier platform for listing and trading STOs, and we are excited about providing high-performance trading tools and services to our growing client base around the world.”Mr. Julian Kwan, the Co-founder of IX Swap

Mr. Kwan’s comments resonate with many in the market who saw DeFi trading volumes rapidly expand after the arrival of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and the creation of automated market makers (AMMs). These innovations saw DeFi trading volumes surge from $40 million to over $40 billion as limit orders were replaced with the liquidity of AMMs, yield farming, staking, and pooling.

Using best-in-class smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and the algorithmic pricing of assets (as opposed to order books), IX Swap and the new STO platform have the potential to bring about another revolution in the crypto world, moving the entire industry – and investors and traders of all sizes – significantly forward.

About IX Swap

IX Swap is the first decentralized exchange for security tokens and tokenized stocks. It provides liquidity pools and automated market makers for these assets and is a critical infrastructure component that will bring life to the security token and tokenized stock industries and bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance for exchanges all around the world.

Photo by Daniel Welsh on Unsplash

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