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WarpDLT Investor Webinar

17febAll DayWarpDLT Investor Webinar

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Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock just issued an open letter to all CEOs, encouraging people to focus on the net-zero economy in order to make a real climate impact. 

Join us for an informational webinar where we’ll discuss the net-zero economy; what it is, why it’s important, and specifically how we can use no-code blockchain and crypto information systems to achieve climate improvements. 


  1. What is a net-zero economy, and what does it have to do with blockchain?
  2. What are the emerging trends we are seeing in the blockchain and crypto space?
  3. What is no-code, and how can it create value when combined with other technologies?
  4. How can you get involved with these opportunities?


We want to create transparency in a hot industry that has a complexity barrier. By allowing investors to better understand the challenges and trends driving innovation in blockchain and crypto, we create a win-win situation: connecting innovators to enablers who can see which products create value for them! Specifically in this webinar, we want to illuminate the opportunities for no-code blockchain and crypto information systems, in the context of Larry Fink’s open letter. 


Avidor Rabinovich – VP Business Development at Tensor Technologies

Bob Cousins – Consultant and Rent-A-CTO at Cousins Consulting

Our host: Waleed Nasir 

Yale University – MBA, Finance | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – PhD/ Master’s in Applied Cryptography & Systems Engineering

Waleed’s company WarpDLT, uses a no-code approach for enabling distributed systems for the enterprise. Using a business-centric approach towards building and scaling distributed systems, WarpDLT focuses on the business use cases that drive value for the enterprise. From there, they work backwards to put the required pieces together- UI, blockchain, cloud, analytics, reporting, operations and business logic – all in one place. They have already built a pipeline of >20 enterprises in North America and Europe, and they are now closing their seed round and looking to add advisors.



February 17, 2021 All Day(GMT+02:00)

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