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Talos Strengthens Institutional Portfolio Management with Acquisition of Cloudwall

Talos, a leading provider of institutional technology for trading digital assets, bolsters its portfolio management capabilities through the acquisition of Cloudwall, enhancing risk management tools for institutional investors.

Talos, renowned for its institutional-grade technology solutions in the digital asset trading arena, has announced its acquisition of Cloudwall, a developer of sophisticated digital asset risk technology. This strategic move aims to elevate Talos’s existing portfolio management system (PMS) to deliver the next generation of portfolio management tools for digital assets, setting new industry standards in managing institutional investment portfolios.

Anton Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Talos, emphasized the significance of this acquisition in Talos’s strategic roadmap. “The acquisition of Cloudwall is a cornerstone in our strategy to enhance and expand our portfolio management solutions,” stated Katz. “This collaboration is foundational in our roadmap towards delivering an innovative PMS that promises to redefine industry standards in managing digital assets.

Both Talos and Cloudwall have a shared focus on serving institutional clients and facilitating their adoption of digital assets. Institutional investors, managing large pools of assets with strict fiduciary responsibilities, rely on robust risk management systems to protect and grow their investment portfolios. With this acquisition, Talos aims to invest in institutional-grade risk management technology, empowering clients to assess and mitigate risks unique to digital asset portfolios.

Kyle Downey, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudwall, highlighted the shared vision between Talos and Cloudwall. “Talos and Cloudwall share a view that in the future all assets will be digital assets,” said Downey. “That’s why we’re excited to continue our mission of building the risk management defenses that institutions need to trade digital assets – under the auspices of Talos.”

Talos’s acquisition of Cloudwall follows its previous acquisition of D3X Systems in Q1 of 2023, further advancing its capabilities in portfolio engineering to support client-driven systematic investment strategies. With Cloudwall’s expertise in portfolio risk systems, Talos is well positioned to accelerate the development of a comprehensive portfolio management system across various digital asset products.

Talos provides institutional-grade technology supporting the full digital asset trading lifecycle, including liquidity sourcing, price discovery, trading, settlement, lending, borrowing, and portfolio management. By streamlining the entire trading process, Talos helps clients mitigate intermediary risk and facilitate best execution.

Cloudwall, based in the US and Singapore, offers one of the world’s most advanced digital asset risk management platforms, designed exclusively for institutional portfolio managers, leveraging the expertise of quantitative researchers and software engineers.

The acquisition of Cloudwall by Talos signifies a strategic alignment towards enhancing risk management capabilities for institutional investors in the digital asset space, driving innovation and setting new industry standards in portfolio management.

Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

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