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Tokenization Platform RACE Partners with DFNS and Bridge to Unlock Access to On-Chain Assets

Seamless wallet management and lower transaction fees, ensuring a frictionless user experience

RACE, a full-stack blockchain infrastructure platform designed for tokenizing and trading real-world assets (RWAs), has announced partnerships with DFNS, a wallets-as-a-service platform, and Bridge, an issuance API provider enabling developers to convert existing dollars into a custom stablecoin. The partnerships will support RACE’s goal of facilitating access to on-chain assets, ensuring a streamlined entry for users with simplified wallet management and reduced transaction costs.

By integrating DFNS’ WaaS, RACE will provide users with non-custodial, ‘keyless’ wallets. This approach replaces complex seed phrases with password-based services.

Wallets are the gateway to the tokenized economy, and our partnership with RACE ensures that this gateway is open to anyone looking to enter the world of RWAs,” said John Conneely, Global Head of Business Development at DFNS. “Gone are the days of writing down long seed phrases on a piece of paper. With our integration, RACE users can manage their digital assets with the same ease and familiarity as logging into their email accounts. This is a critical step in making tokenization technology truly mainstream.

For RACE users moving from fiat to stablecoins, transaction fees can be a significant obstacle. Addressing this, RACE’s collaboration with Bridge brings forth a native stablecoin, simplifying transactions and cutting costs. This partnership reduces dependency on centralized financial intermediaries, aiming to lower transaction fees on RACE by as much as 80%.

RACE is creating a global, decentralized marketplace for tokenized RWAs such as real estate, private equity, commodities, and collectibles. The ecosystem’s Decentralized Investment Committee (DIC) composed of legal, financial, and industry experts, upholds integrity, transparency, and compliance to ensure a safe investment experience. These partnerships serve to create an even more frictionless experience for investors across the globe.

The complex onboarding process has long stood as a major barrier to engaging with on-chain assets,” said Miguel Buffara, Lead Finance Engineer at RACE. “Our mission at RACE is to democratize access to real-world asset tokenization. By partnering with DFNS and Bridge, we’ve streamlined this entry point, directly aligning with our goal to make these transformative opportunities as easy to access as possible for everyone. Now, with just a few clicks, users can tap into the world of RWA tokenization, opening doors to investments that were previously out of reach.

Photo by Kevin Crosby on Unsplash

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