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DigiShares, a leading tokenization platform, has joined forces with Future Safe Group, a globally recognized financial firm with a stronghold in India and branches in Cambodia and the U.S. The collaboration between these two industry powerhouses promises a transformative impact on the world of finance and real world asset tokenization.

Under the seasoned leadership of CEO Seshan Krishnamurthy, Future Safe Group is charting a bold path with a target to tokenize assets worth $20 billion in the fiscal year 2023-24. The company specializes in tailoring financial solutions for global trade and project funding. Leveraging DigiShares’ robust white-label platform, Future Safe intends to tokenize an extensive array of assets, including real estate, NFTs, and equity. The company has already secured asset tokenization contracts valued up to an impressive $10 billion, indicating the substantial demand for their innovative financial services.

Key Collaborative Projects:

  1. Mongolia’s Railway Corridor: Future Safe Group is spearheading a $10 million railway corridor project in Mongolia, facilitating seamless goods transit and enhancing trade connectivity.
  2. Revolutionizing Public Transport in India: Future Safe aims to invest between $15-$50 million in autonomous public transport initiatives in India, ushering in a new era of smart mobility solutions.
  3. Sustainable Housing and Renewable Energy in Africa: With a colossal investment ranging from $5-6 billion, Future Safe is driving eco-friendly housing and renewable energy projects in Africa, promoting sustainability and economic growth.
  4. Ethanol Extraction for Aviation Fuel: Future Safe Group’s approximately $1 billion investment in ethanol extraction for aviation fuel signifies a significant step toward sustainable and greener aviation practices.
  5. Global Sports Franchises Financing: Future Safe is financing sports franchises both locally and internationally, fostering the growth of sports industries worldwide.
  6. Stressed Asset Reconstruction and Real Estate Ventures: Future Safe Group is venturing into stressed asset reconstruction and real estate projects globally, contributing to the revitalization of distressed assets and boosting the real estate market.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Future Safe signifies a crucial milestone in the world of asset tokenization. Their ambitious portfolio aligns seamlessly with our capabilities, promising transformative impact.”

Seshan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Future Safe, echoed this sentiment, affirming, “We regard DigiShares as a vanguard in the tokenization sector. Their platform enables us to realize the untapped potential of tokenized assets, offering liquidity and democratized access for investors.”

With Future Safe Group’s innovative projects and DigiShares’ cutting-edge technology, the financial industry is poised for a paradigm shift, ushering in a new era of accessible, efficient, and democratized investment opportunities. The collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in shaping the future of finance.

Photo by Kyle Sudu on Unsplash

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