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Dimensa, a leading technology company for financial operations in Brazil, has recently entered into a partnership with Agrotoken, a global pioneer in agricultural commodities tokenization. With this collaboration, Dimensa aims to provide its clients in Brazil with a faster, safer, and more efficient way to conduct commercial transactions using agricultural assets, offering significant advantages to financial institutions, especially those in the agro-industrial sector.

“The goal of this partnership is to offer greater transparency and security to our clients efficiently and quickly, protecting them from currency losses, preventing the same asset from being sold to more than one person or company, and ensuring the traceability of agricultural products. Moreover, it is an opportunity for us to expand financial operations from the banking core to the agricultural ecosystem,” emphasized Denis Piovezan, CEO of Dimensa.

Several planned initiatives within this partnership include financial operations for agricultural financing and costing, credit operations with agricultural collateral, digital wallets operating with agricultural tokens, and financing agricultural equipment with payment or collateral tokens.

Eduardo Novillo Astrada, CEO and co-founder of Agrotoken, expressed optimism about this partnership and highlighted the company’s commitment to engaging with cooperatives, banks, and distributors to present an innovative business model. This project aims to make digital credit more accessible and democratize the agricultural sector through blockchain technology, simplifying access to credit and enabling a wide range of operations with digital grains, from day-to-day payments to the acquisition of seeds, supplies, machinery, and equipment for Brazilian farms.

About Agrotoken

Agrotoken is the first global tokenization infrastructure that aims to make the value of natural resources accessible to all, contributing to the development of a fairer and more equitable economic system by creating the most real and reliable tokens in the world. It is comprised of a team of professionals passionate about the land and the new digital economy. They are the creators of the first grain-backed agro-assets for saving and transacting. Agrotoken is shaping the next generation of agribusiness worldwide.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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