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Marvion, a leading provider of blockchain-based solutions and a fully owned subsidiary of Bonanza Goldfields Corp., today announced the launch of its latest innovation – the creation of Digital Ownership Tokens (DOTs). DOTs are designed to provide legally enforceable ownership of tokenized assets, enabling the tokenization of real-world assets such as property, art, or commodities.

Marvion’s platform leverages blockchain technology to create digital tokens that represent ownership rights to underlying assets. With DOTs, Marvion provides a level of trust, transparency, and security that was previously unavailable in the digital asset economy.

Although Marvion is blockchain agnostic, the company prefers to use the Polygon chain for its fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly transactions. Additionally, Marvion utilizes Arweave for data storage, offering up to 200 years of assurance for stored data.

“Tokenization is a game-changing innovation that is transforming the way assets are owned, traded, and financed. We’re proud to offer DOTs as a way to provide legally enforceable ownership of tokenized assets,” said Raymond Chua, CEO of Marvion. “Although we’ve been offering our tokenization capabilities for some time, we are emphasizing the launch of DOTs in response to recent news about tokenization.”

With its proprietary platform, Marvion is providing a secure and transparent way to transfer ownership of tokenized assets, with clear ownership records and streamlined transaction processes. The platform integrates with smart contracts, allowing for the automatic execution of asset transfers, payments, and other transactions.

Marvion’s solutions are applicable to a wide range of asset classes, including real estate, art, commodities, and more. The launch of DOTs opens up new opportunities for investors, asset owners, and the broader digital asset ecosystem.

About BONZ

Bonanza Goldfields Corporation is a Nevada holding company that through its subsidiaries are engaged in the media distribution business. Specifically, we provide authentication, valuation and certification (“AVC”) service, sale and purchase, hire purchase, financing, custody, security and exhibition (“CSE”) services to buyers of movie and music media through traditional channels as well as through leveraging blockchain technology through the creation of digital ownership tokens (“DOTs”).

About Marvion™️

Marvion is a global company headquartered in Singapore. It is one of the first public-listed Web 3.0 group with market-leading technologies and ecosystem that aims to be the driver behind the world’s transition into Web 3.0. We offer services, access and content and provide the necessary tools for creators to create unique content in the Web 3.0.

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

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