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Stobox releases a Digital Securities Dashboard for Texas-based real estate agency PowerShift Properties

PowerShift Properties offers an easy way to earn a more stable income stream that allows investors to own fractional ownership of existing and new properties on the blockchain without the hurdles of being a property owner.

Their approach includes:

  • Transparency: Investors get exclusive access to real-time metrics and visibility into their governance structures.
  • Token-Holder Participation: Investors and property owners can influence which properties they invest in and how dividends are structured. Much like donor-advised funds.
  • Holacracy©: the company uses the gold standard for self-organization. It replaces outdated management hierarchy with a rules based, decentralized management and control system.

“We’re excited to work with Stobox to make available a new security token that reduces many of the risks, hurdles, and limitations investors face when adding blockchain-based assets backed by real property to their portfolios. Fractional ownership opens up a whole new world of opportunity when real estate becomes tokenized and unbundled. PowerShift Properties pushes the boundaries of decentralization giving investors more visibility and more voice in how their investments are managed”, says Thomas Thomison, Founding Member, PowerShift Properties, DAO LLC

“Real estate is one of the most liquid assets, and simultaneously the one realized with the most effort. Tokenization kills two birds with one stone: it is a great way both for the owner to redeem their input and effort put in the property and the for the investor to get a bigger and quicker return on their investment”, says Gene Deyev, SEO of Stobox.

Photo by Tiago Rodrigues on Unsplash

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