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Legacy Suite Announces the Official Launch of Revolutionary Estate Planning System

Digital asset preservation platform Legacy Suite has announced the official rollout of its latest offering, leading a new frontier in EstateTech. The revolutionary estate planning and beneficiary management system is designed to streamline the legacy transfer process for all physical and digital assets. The announcement marks the latest Legacy Suite service launch, joining the likes of the platform’s Digital Suite, Legal Suite, and Financial Suite offerings.

The digital revolution has given rise to a multitude of intangible assets. Digital estate planning is now an integral component of traditional estate planning. Assets such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), online banking accounts, and social media profiles are critical when managing a digital estate. 

Through Legacy Suite, users can easily share critical information with beneficiaries, centralized digital asset custodians, social platforms, and crypto/NFT exchanges. Distributing data such as asset inventories, passwords, account credentials, login instructions, and more is simple through Legacy Suite’s innovative technology. Beneficiaries can access an online hub that will guide them through a clear roadmap that outlines access permissions as provided and instructed by the original user(s). 

Legacy Suite’s lifetime digital asset management services include storing all documents related to user intent and Digital Will™ creation support. Digital Wills™ account for any electronic records, social accounts, and various digital accounts that would typically not be included in a traditional will. 

While a Digital Will™ is not considered a legal document, as most states do not formally recognize digital estate plans at this time, it can be used informally to ensure that digital assets are addressed within a traditional estate plan. Legacy Suite’s Digital Executors™ are assigned to individual users and are tasked with managing digital estates and addressing all items related to a user’s digital assets after their passing. 

Photo by Gilberto Olimpio on Unsplash

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