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SEBA Bank Raises CHF 110 Million In Series C Funding To Fuel International Growth And Drive Institutional Business

SEBA Bank, a fully integrated, FINMA licensed digital assets banking platform, today announced that it has secured a successful Series C funding round, raising CHF 110 million. The round was co-led by a consortium of specialized blockchain and fintech investors, comprised of AltiveOrdway Selections, and Summer Capital, as well as DeFi Technologies, a NEO listed leader in decentralized finance. Alameda Research, a global cryptocurrency quantitative trading firm and liquidity provider, as well as core partner of FTX, also participated in the round. The round was significantly oversubscribed, with demand far exceeding the initial funding target. Existing investors, including Julius Baer, increased their positions in the funding round.

This funding round will further accelerate the considerable growth that SEBA Bank has achieved over the past year. SEBA Bank is currently supporting over 25 markets globally, having strengthened its presence in APAC earlier this year by appointing an APAC CEO to solidify its presence in Hong Kong and Singapore; along with other priority markets in the Middle East including a dedicated office in Abu Dhabi. The company also deepened its executive talent with a number of appointments to the senior leadership team, and will further grow its headcount and expand into new markets.

Guido Buehler, CEO at SEBA Bank, said, “This funding represents a significant milestone for SEBA Bank, is a testament to our foundations, and confirms our vision of being a global leader in new generation finance, enabled by blockchain technology and our comprehensive banking license. With the support of such a strong group of investors, offering depth and breadth across the domains of finance, fintech, and blockchain, SEBA Bank is privileged to access a wide range of new skills and capabilities to fast-forward our growth plans. This funding will allow us to further develop our digital asset banking platform and strengthen our presence in markets across the globe by attracting new talent.”

This funding round solidifies SEBA Bank’s position as the best-in-class regulated digital asset banking services provider. With strategic backing from specialist fintech and blockchain investors, including, Altive, a renowned alternative asset management company for technology, consumer and healthcare sectors, and part of a leading Asia-based private investment group with a successful track record of investment in blockchain companies; Ordway Selections GmbH, the private investment firm of an established and highly-successful family office in Zug which deploys capital into blockchain and digital assets, health and wellness, and food and agricultural technology; and Summer Capital, a multi-strategy investment management company focused on fintech, healthcare, and technology; and DeFi Technologies, one of the first publicly listed (NEO) blockchain investment companies for traditional investors specializing in decentralized finance. By leveraging the strategic expertise of these specialist partners, SEBA Bank will maintain its commitment to innovation and excellence in its digital asset banking and investment services.

Cheney Cheng, Managing Partner of Altive, said, “Given the global regulatory trend of digital assets, we envision that regulated crypto financial institutions like Swiss licensed SEBA Bank would become the cornerstone of the future finance. We are honored to have joined the company’s mission to make digital assets more accessible to the general public.”

Jonathan Ordway Fackelmayer, Chairman of Ordway Selections, said, “Ordway Selections identifies and invests into best-in-class digital assets and core blockchain infrastructure, such as SEBA Bank. We are delighted to be part of the “lead-investor” consortium alongside Altive and Summer Capital, who both hold a deep knowledge of financial services and technology applications. Our consortium believes SEBA Bank is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of the ever growing and demanding pool of cryptocurrency investors worldwide.”

Russell Starr, CEO of DeFi Technologies commented, “We strive to be at the forefront of innovation in DeFi and blockchain and support the development of services in the digital asset industry which will form the backbone of the next iteration of our financial system. Our investment in SEBA Bank is both a testament to SEBA Bank’s industry leading digital asset banking services and the importance of blockchain as a core technology in the future development of our financial system.”

Photo by Sepp Rutz on Unsplash

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