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DSS Retains Leading Blockchain and Digital Assets Law Firm to Accelerate Launch of Digital Asset Exchange

DSS, Inc. (“DSS” or the “Company”), a multinational company with nine operating business lines in diverse, high-growth industries, today announced its USX Holdings Company, Inc. (“USX Holdings”) subsidiary has engaged a leading blockchain, digital assets, and custody law practice in connection with its broker-dealer and alternative trading system (“ATS”) as it prepares to launch an innovative marketplace for trading digital assets based on actively traded U.S. equity securities.

In addition to the ATS and broker-dealer registration, USX Holdings, in conjunction with its legal team, will file regulatory submissions and registration statements for digital assets to be traded on the proprietary trading platform. USX Holdings is also applying for money transmitter and virtual currency activity licenses in several states to offer trading in cryptocurrencies.

“We look forward to working with our legal team as we move forward on our plans to launch a digital asset exchange targeting corporate issuers, retail traders and investors, crypto hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and other financial intermediaries. Working with the top law firm in the blockchain space will enable us to accelerate our rollout of this groundbreaking initiative,” stated Jason Grady, COO of DSS. “The transformative potential of digital securities is extremely exciting, and we plan to be a major player in the space as we pursue the massive opportunity in the US for a secondary market in securities tokens.”

According to a survey from the World Economic Forum, 10% of the world’s GDP will be tokenized by 2027 with an estimated market capitalization of $24 trillion. With increased clarity in the regulatory framework and many positive developments in the industry, such as wider adoption of digital assets from financial institutions and innovative digital security offerings from large enterprises, both asset tokenization and digitized securities are gaining strong momentum for new growth in the financial industry. 

USX Holdings is pursuing FINRA registration as an ATS in a joint venture collaboration with Coinstreet Partners, a global decentralized digital investment banking group and digital asset financial service firm, and GSX Group, a global digital exchange ecosystem for the issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized securities, using its proprietary blockchain solution.

About USX Holdings Company

USX Holdings Company Inc. (“USX”) is a joint venture between the GSX Group, Coinstreet Partners and DSS, Inc. and is comprised of 3 key subsidiary segments that include USX Securities, Inc. (an Alternative Trading System or ATS), USX Digital, Inc. (a Money Service Business or MSB) and dedicated digital assets Broker Dealer. USX Holdings will implement an initiative to establish an innovative marketplace for trading digital assets based on actively traded U.S. equity securities. The center piece of this market will be a regulated Alternative Trading System. This ATS will allow a dynamic interface between customers through the broker dealer and a custodian, who will be the digital repository and share registry for all digital asset positions, and underlying equity portfolios. The broker-dealer will support order entry and trade management of digital securities and operate a blockchain-based back-office system. In addition, the MSB will allow for trading and the exchange of virtual currencies and other digital assets.

About DSS, Inc.

DSS is a multinational company operating business segments in blockchain security, direct marketing, healthcare, consumer packaging, real estate, renewable energy, securitized digital assets, securities trading and fund management, and banking, lending, and finance. Its business model is based on a distribution sharing system in which shareholders receive shares in its subsidiaries as DSS strategically unlocks value through IPO spin offs. Under new leadership since 2019, DSS has built the necessary foundation for sustainable growth through the acquisition and formation of a diversified portfolio of companies positioned to drive profitability in five high-growth sectors. These companies offer innovative, flexible, and real-world solutions that not only meet customer needs, but create sustainable value and opportunity for transformation.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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