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Silver Map Holdings Completed Acquisition of 10 Luxury Apartments in Malaysia via Security Token Offering (STO)

Silver Map Holdings Corporation Limited (“Silver Map”) just announced its acquisition of 10 luxury apartments in MM Residency in Malaysia for US$2.2 Million backed by the issuance of 2.2 million MAMI security tokens. Cradled in Taman Melawati, a wealthy and well-equipped town known for its green-centric ideologies, celebrities, and positioning as “Malaysia’s Beverly Hills”.

“Silver Map is a property investment company formed by a group of seasoned real estate investors & developers from Greater China, North Asia and Southeast Asia. We intend to stay on par with the ever-evolving developments within the Metaverse, which is why we chose to partner with one of the world’s most prominent STO exchanges, CryptoSX. Through this partnership, we’ve tokenized highly prized but undervalued properties in Malaysia, a land of vast potential and opportunities alongside the Belt & Road Movement.” said Alfonso Chu, Director of Silver Map explained.

The Silver Map STO is unique. It’s security token, called MAMI is distributed in the form of a tokenized SPV (“Special Purpose Vehicle”), taking advantage of CryptoSX tokenization platform alongside CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) Digital Asset Token Offering Framework.

The MAMI security token is not only asset backed, it also offers holders and investors an opportunity to enjoy future rental income stream, capital appreciation as well redemption option to stay in other residences of Silver Map affiliated network in the future. Moving forward, token holders and investors upon acquiring enough quantities of MAMI have the option to convert their holdings to Silver Map apartment unit in Kuala Lumpur plus other locations.

Silver Map has been collaborating with leading developers and architects who have hotels, resorts, & retirement homes in beautiful scenic spots such as Phuket, Bali, Sabah, etc enabling Silver Map’s grand vision of building affordable, quality and comfortable accommodations for the next generation made accessible through cutting-edge technologies.

About Silver Map Holdings Corporation

Silver Map is a purpose made entity to properties investment, part of Advanced Oasis International (AOI) and Silver Max Asia Pacific Limited (SMAP). We leverage the leading blockchain, asset tokenisation and fintech partners to harness the power of funding through fractionalisation. We focus on resort and retirement properties in South East Asia region which may include East & West Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Riding on the state of the art Fintech, Silver Map offers all investors, young and mature alike, an opportunity to experience the clean and comfortable habitat, long, medium and short term ones.


CryptoSX is one of the fastest growing digital assets exchanges in the world. An innovative, end-to-end exchange that redefines the perception of Security Token Offering (STO) while pushing boundaries in a fully licensed and regulated ecosystem. With a wide spectrum of industries and a community of passionate investors, CryptoSX allows you to be a part of a new age movement, through easy and secure investments, anytime and anywhere.

Cryptosx is compliant with all of the applicable financial and virtual exchange policies and regulations of the Philippine Government under CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) and holds a Principal Full License since 2018.

Photo by Paul-Vincent Roll on Unsplash

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