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Greenpro’s CryptoSX Lands Historic Billion Dollars Security Token Offering

Greenpro Capital Corp. announced its CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange (“CryptoSX”) has been selected by Dignity Corporation (“Dignity Corp”) as its listing and trading platform for DIGau Security Token (“Digau token”).

With a minimum of $6 billion gold reserves in the United States, listing the DIGau token provides investors the opportunity to benefit from the precious minerals sector in the United States. This acts as an added peace of mind that is not available in generic digital assets or cryptocurrencies. For the last three years, CryptoSX has been focusing on redefining the traditional investor mindset through the development of Security Token platforms and have now completed a total of 10 STO projects with accreditation from CEZA (“Cagayan Economic Zone Authority”) in the Philippines.

“Dignity has created security investment opportunities in the United States’ precious metal sector,” said Philip Tam, Founder & CEO of CryptoSX. “Digital or cryptocurrencies are a very high-risk investment and therefore creating real intrinsic value is difficult. Dignity bridges the gap by following the same standards required by all publicly traded companies. This is perhaps the most important contribution to the ultimate success of DIGau Token.”

Greenpro CEO, Dr. Lee said, “Parallel to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry is the rapid growth of cryptocurrency regulation, STO is considered to be a very efficient method of alternative financing. Traditional fundraising methods are becoming increasingly complex to access, and many businesses have started to look at blockchain technology for raising funds. As a result, security tokens have become a possible investment vehicle that allows businesses to reverse the financial pyramid and democratize the capital markets. We see CryptoSX reaching the critical mass to take off in 2022 and we are very excited to be working towards developing a global blockchain based digital ecosystem.”

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About Greenpro Capital Corp.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and a Nevada corporation, Greenpro Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: GRNQ), is a business incubator with strategic offices across Asia. With a diversified business portfolio comprising of finance, technology, banking, CryptoSX for STOs, health, wellness and fine art as well as 30 years of experience in various industries, Greenpro has been assisting and supporting businesses and High-Net-Worth-Individuals to capitalize and securitize their value on a global scale. This is done through the provision of cross-border business solutions, spinoffs on major stock exchanges and accounting outsourcing services to small and medium-size businesses located in Asia. The comprehensive range of cross-border business services include, but are not limited to, trust and wealth management, listing advisory services, transaction services, cross-border business solutions, record management services, accounting outsourcing services and tax advisory services. Greenpro also operates venture capital businesses, including business development for start-ups and high growth companies.

About Cryptosx

CryptoSX is one of the fastest growing digital assets exchanges in the world. An innovative, end-to-end exchange that redefines the perception of STOs while pushing boundaries in a fully regulated ecosystem. With a wide spectrum of industries and a community of passionate investors, CryptoSX allows users to be a part of a new age movement, through easy and secure investments, anytime and anywhere. CryptoSX is compliant with all applicable financial and virtual exchange policies and regulations of the Philippine Government under CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) and holds a Principal Full License since 2018.

Photo by Elliot Andrews on Unsplash

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