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Axis Technologies Group, Inc. Announces Upcoming Launch of NFT Entertainment Channel, NFTtoday.tv and NFT Documentary Titled “NFT Revolution”

AXIS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC., a holding company that promotes decentralized finance businesses, and supports the development of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of NFTtoday.tv, a channel dedicated for NFT entertainment with game tutorials, resources, reviews, movies, music videos and all forms of media that pertain to NFTs, DeFi, digital assets and the overall cryptocurrency space. NFTtoday.tv will be available on Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and both iOS and Google application in November 2021.

The NFTtoday.tv channel will be mainly educational to provide a better understanding of digital assets and will provide interviews conducted with NFT industry leaders, platforms, training, seminars and endorsements including technologies developed in the NFT space.

The Company is also proud to announce that its ETHFUND.io, a new platform for creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for the entertainment industry, is planning the launch of its first NFT drop for the pilot documentary of “The NFT Revolution Documentary”, a Hollywood casted documentary featuring actors, musicians, artist, movie producers, legendary sports athletes and celebrities and directed by James Hu. All invited VIP and guest cast in the documentary will receive an exclusive NFT token bearing rights, royalties and the ability to share in the future benefits generated. The First NFT Drop on the ETHFUND.io platform is planned for October 18, 2021.

“The process of development for the “NFT Revolution Documentary” pilot using the ETHFUND.io platform was amazingly stress-free and allowed me to understand on the creative side of my future project. As a creative person there isn’t a better situation to be part of this projects to life. ETHFUND is a blessing”, comments Dame Leith Eaton, creator, artist, actor and founder of the International Arts Association (IAA).

Recently, NFTs in film have been growing in popularity. The first major film to introduce NFTs was Godzilla vs. Kong with great success. The new Space Jam movie was accompanied by 91,000 NFTs as free and cheap collectible digital cards. John Wick, The Hunger Games, and Mad Men are also planning on releasing NFTs to supplement their franchises. The rationale for the studios is to increase fan engagement and to establish new revenue streams.

William Tien, the Company’s President and CEO, as well as the platform architect and lead Developer of the ETHFUND explained, “All NFTs support the basic interface, known as ERC 721, that enables basic functions such as the transferring of tokens. Royalties are usually charged at the level of the marketplace, such as on OpenSea or Rarible. In order for royalty fees to work across all marketplaces, we included them in the NFT smart contract itself. A “royalty fee” must be paid to the token creator by the purchaser, prior to the token transfer. Since people can make any sort of fee arrangement outside of the blockchain or transfer the NFT between wallets for no compensation, the royalty fee is designed to be a preset fee whenever the token is transferred between wallets.”

Aside from project financing, ETHFUND.io will soon launch its NFT marketplace featuring high-end digital and physical art as well as one-of-a-kind collectibles.

About ETHFUND.io 

ETHFUND.io is a curated NFT Minting Platform and Marketplace which allows its users to create NFTs for various purposes including entertainment project financing as well as documenting the ownership and provenance of real-world assets. ETHFUND is the first NFT Platform that allows creators to charge a preset royalty for all future sales of their NFTs which can be paid to the creators across all other NFT platforms. ETHFUND.io is also the first NFT platform to allow its creators to mint NFTs with multiple owners and/or recipients of future royalties.

About Axis Technologies Group, Inc. 

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company focused on the promotion, development, management and marketing of various aspects of businesses surrounding all aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi). Through acquisitions, strategic investments, and its current investment holdings, AXTG seeks to support, develop and take advantage of various blockchain and DeFi projects, opportunities and initiatives.

Photo by Pixabay

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