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Binaryx Invest to Operate as One of the First European Regulated Marketplaces for Digital & Tokenized Assets

Businesses of all types can take advantage of the Binaryx Invest marketplace to attract investment through tokenized assets

Binaryx, a digital asset exchange with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, announces the launch of the new service Binaryx Invest. Depending on their business model and regulatory framework, businesses will be able to create, manage and service a wide range of tokenized assets as well as meet and engage private investors leveraging Binaryx Invest Marketplace.

Binaryx Invest covers all types of digital assets including issuance of digital assets and currencies and their full-lifecycle management — all within the same platform. Using Binaryx Invest, companies can attract investment as well as individual investors can acquire tokenized equities and earn income from their success. In addition, the marketplace makes it possible to resell digital assets or buy them from another individual or business.

“We have made an uphill work to create a service where any company, regardless of its market capitalization, can issue their tokens and raise considerable capital without numerous intermediaries, using just one platform,” says founder and CEO of Binaryx, Oleg Kurchenko.

Binaryx Invest forms part of Binaryx ecosystem, which includes tokenization platform, exchange, trading terminal and educational hub Binaryx Academy. Other payment services designed by Binaryx to help businesses and individuals drive revenue are already in the making and are set to be released soon.

Binaryx Invest constitutes the part of the initiative to facilitate tokenization as a way of engaging investors for small and medium-sized businesses. Binaryx makes it its priority to make digital assets accessible to everyone by dint of tokenized assets which is predicted to give a considerable boost to the global economy growth in the coming years. 

Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash