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American Films Will be First OTC-Traded Company to Trade on tZERO, Urges Its Shareholders to Open tZERO Markets Trading Accounts

American Films, Inc., an intellectual property anti-piracy innovator and developer of films and other creative projects, announced a timeframe for its plans to trade on the tZERO ATS, now slated for the fourth week of September.

An owner, developer, and acquirer of intellectual property in the film, music, and media industries that currently trades over-the-counter, American Films will retain its existing ticker symbol AMFL, subject to regulatory approval.

tZERO ATS is a regulated alternative trading system operated by tZERO ATS, LLC, a FINRA member broker-dealer subsidiary of tZERO, a leader in blockchain innovation and liquidity for digital securities. The securities that trade on tZERO ATS represent nearly 75% of all digital security value and are responsible for approximately 95% of dollar trading volumes globally.

American Films owns, develops, and acquires intellectual property, which it seeks to monetize at higher rates through proprietary technology, litigation, and asset digitization. Its unique proprietary processes and technology include FACTERRA, a web-based evidence gathering program that identifies instances of copyright infringement, allowing American Films to pursue intellectual property protection litigation on behalf of copyright owners.

The move to tZERO ATS represents American Films’ first step towards deploying revolutionary asset digitization tools for growth acceleration, such as security token offerings (STOs), also known as digital security offerings (DSOs) and NFTs. In its film projects in particular, this new functionality will allow American Films to offer interactive engagement as well as perpetual revenue streams around characters and intellectual property in interactive entertainment environments and the metaverse.

Moving from the traditional markets to the blockchain is not unlike what Neil Armstrong meant in his ’one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Both ecosystems allow shares to be exchanged, but the transparency, liquidity, and utility that will be offered by the blockchain is like turning an ordinary car trip into intergalactic travel.John Carty, President and CEO of American Films

Carty added that as an innovator in intellectual property anti-piracy, it is fitting that American Films will be the first to trade on the digital platform, which offers enhanced investor disclosure and access to information, the tools required for accountability and fairness.

To trade American Films common stock on tZERO ATS, investors and existing shareholders of American Films must have or open an account at tZERO’s retail broker-dealer subsidiary, tZERO Markets.

“The majority of our shareholders will have moved to tZERO on day one, but we encourage the others to make the leap, as well.”American Films treasurer, Craig Campbell.

About American Films, Inc.
American Films Inc. is an owner, developer, and acquirer of intellectual property which the company seeks to monetize at higher rates through its proprietary technology, litigation, and asset digitization. It seeks to create alternative investment participation vehicles that provide necessary funding to appropriate projects while offering reasonable return on investment and mitigation of business risks traditionally encountered in the film industry. American Films identifies media products and film industry professionals receptive to alternative funding and the fair treatment of equity investors. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, FACTERRA LLC, American Films plans to identify instances of copyright infringement and pursue intellectual property protection litigation.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

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